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Thread: Video: Nokia N900 Runs SNES Emulator via PS3 Sixaxis Controller

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    Video: Nokia N900 Runs SNES Emulator via PS3 Sixaxis Controller

    Today Tomasz Sterna has shared a guide and video of a Nokia N900 running an SNES emulator with a PS3 Sixaxis controller.

    This demonstration comes not long after other recent N900 developments, including the release of Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.3 for the Nokia N900 and a Control the PS3 with a Nokia N900 via BlueMaemo video.

    To quote from the video's caption: "Video demonstration of setup allowing to play emulated games on Nokia N900 using PS3 Sixaxis controller."

    Those interested can check out the video below of a Sony PlayStation 3 controller hooked up to the Nokia N900 to play SNES games!


    [imglink=|Video: Nokia N900 Runs SNES Emulator via PS3 Sixaxis Controller][/imglink]
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    veggav Guest
    WOW this is really something

    I was wondering is it possible to do the same with the iphone ?

    Use the ps3 controller in the iphone ?

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    kakarotoks Guest
    haha, cool, I'll try it out tomorrow!

    @veggav: no way, you can't, the iPhone is a crappy piece of hardware that is extremely closed because Apple loves to control everything in their products, so you can do nothing with it, you can't even install an application if it's not pre-approved by Apple!

    With the N900, you are free to do whatever you want with it! Nokia gives you even instructions on how to flash it with your own custom firmware if you want to.. and now people have already been able to install different operating systems on the N900 : Android in a dual boot! Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Debian in chroot, and Mer (custom linux distribution specific for Maemo devices) and even Mac OS X 10.3!!

    IPhone doesn't come close to being able to do anything like that...

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    GohanX Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kakarotoks View Post
    IPhone doesn't come close to being able to do anything like that...
    A Jailbroken iPhone could do this if someone wanted to take the time to get it working.

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    kakarotoks Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    A Jailbroken iPhone could do this if someone wanted to take the time to get it working.
    You can certainly install any application you want on a jailbroken iphone, yes, but you can't install a kernel-mode driver because you simply can't... you don't even have access to the kernel in order to compile a driver for it...

    I know what i'm talking about, I did some reverse engineering on the iphone and let me tell you that it's not an easy task to make it do what you want!

    Also, try googling for "iphone linux" and see how much work and how many *years* it has taken groups of developers to be able to get some kind of semi functioning linux system on the iphone...

    The iphone is a closed system and it's a piece of crap in my opinion, and I think the only reason it has sold more than 10 units is because the world is plagued by stupid Apple fanboys that will buy anything Apple throws their way...

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    crckmc Guest


    Here's the guide link for the curious:

    but i tell you it is not as easy as it looks

    got a working connection between phone and ds but no working buttons

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    Thanks for the guide link crckmc, I have added it to the main article and +Rep!

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    kakarotoks Guest
    Ah nice, he updated the guide, it's much easier now.. the thing is that you need to update the kernel in order to add mouse and joystick support in the kernel, so he used to flash the device with a new kernel, but now it seems to be .install-able (basically, you click on that green "install" arrow from the N900 and it will install everything for you, you then just have to reboot the device and it's done!).

    The hard part is to pair the controller with the n900, since you can't connect it by usb in order to pair it, like you would with the PS3. But it doesn't seem to hard to do imho.

    Thanks for the link, I'll try it and let you know how it went

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    veggav Guest
    Iphone is not a piece of crap. It can be closed but it does the "regular" tasks very well, has the best touch screen on the market. I've already saw nokia touch screen and it does suck.

    if you want to develop something I think nokia is the way, if you want a very friendly user telephone, iphone is the one.
    Iphone interface is just the best up to date.

    But I agree, apple marketing is just ridiculous, they are calling the whole world stupid. Ipad is just a confirmation of that.
    But I still enjoy my iphone, except the battery life.

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    kakarotoks Guest
    hehe, let's not turn this into a iphone vs. nokia flamewar.. I've used the iphone for over 2 years (since the very beginning of the iphone). I had received it as a gift, and I had no choice but to use that because I didn't have anything better (and once you're used to a 400$ phone, the 10$ phones I could afford weren't really an option).

    So I know exactly what the iphone is like and how it works, but I couldn't stand it anymore.. it doesn't do the "regular" things correctly, everything in it is crippled.. I never used safari because it was too slow and hard to use, I never used the camera because it was crappy and too simplistic.. I never used the ipod because I personally don't listen to music.. so really, the only thing I used it for is : phone, sms, and the occasional notes.

    it did the job, but was really slow and not that great. When I tried to install new apps and do something else with it, I realized that everything was just crappy, and the fact that you can't run more than one app at once really made the device worthless.

    I don't really agree about the user interface being the best, most user friendly.. I think they just make people think that.. with their whole marketing stuff and the world's attitude, whenever apple does something, it is tagged as "the best UI ever", without even actually trying it.
    Yes, it's simple, yes, it doesn't take a long time for grandma/grandpa to know how to use it, but that doesn't make it "the best user interface", it just makes it "the best user interface for morons", and in my case, I'm no grandma/grandpa, so in my opinion, their UI sucks.

    Have a look at the n900's user interface (screenshots/videos), I think it's beautiful and gorgeous and very powerful and user friendly! It does have little problems of usability though, but nothing major, I already got used to it.

    p.s: I had my iPhone since october 2007 and the battery life was still holding up for about a 5 days... I never turned off the iphone during my 2 years of use... I stopped using it when I got my N900 in november, and I kept it on for a few weeks after that in case I needed to review old sms/contacts that I didn't transfer to the N900, and without using it for making calls, the charge was able to hold up for 1.5 to 2 weeks... and yes, wifi is usually on, no bluetooth, and since it's the older model, no 3G either.

    So that's good! The N900 battery holds up for about 24hours, so it sucks.. but I charge it every night when going to bed, and so far, it never died on me (and I usually have about 10 to 15 applications running all the time, with xchat (IRC) running and connected on skype, sip, gtalk and msn accounts with the integrated IM framework)

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