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    please post a mirror of video... youtube don't work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucamw View Post
    please post a mirror of video... youtube don't work...
    Sadly it appears the video was removed by YouTube as it shows:
    This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.
    Unless someone managed to capture and reupload the video before it was taken down I think it's gone for good.

    Edit: This may be a similar video, if not try searching YouTube for "MW2 Super Sprint"

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    Yet these packs are the additions to nothing special, just looking to give Activision more money rather than innovate.

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    It's cool, except for the fact that everyone has hacks in the lobby.

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    Modern Warfare 2 Hacks

    i am willing to pay upto 100 for information on how to hack MW2 Online. I know there are a few people like Hunter128 and TheUnkn0wn who can do this.

    If anyone can help me, it would be appreciated. I have no intentions of leaking any exploit/hack, as i would be paying for it.


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    there is only 2 people that i know who have successfully done it :S

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    How the hell can they do that ?

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    i'm working on it, but may need some help with the headers..

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