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    Not to mention that the only optical media with silver bottoms is ones that have been pressed and NOT burned. BD-R's have a black bottom, as seen in this image.

    Video: MotorStorm PS3 Hack - Exploit to Run PS3 Backups!-16195105805l-jpg

    The largest mistake made by this kid was showing the bottom of his "burned" disc (which as we all know is a genuine store bought copy with a blank label thrown on it).

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    Totally Agree. To the kid in the video: LOL Stop wasting your time!

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    Come On People!!

    NO! Don't let it die!!! it was better than SEINFELD!!! How will I get my daily dose of FUN!?!?

    P.S.: And to think of all those people that said this was real even after all the proof that was gathered against this guy! It really makes you think! No?

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    I believe it's time to close this thread up too... since only MysticHades could get his alleged method working and nobody else could in the last 25 pages.

    If new information surfaces on this, rest assured we will reopen the thread up of course!

Closed Thread
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