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    Proof or not!

    I saved a screenshot at that moment in time.. you can be the judge of fake or not!

    PS: sorry for the extra size for that picture but putting a smaller one up there really felt like losing the evidence!
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    I really can't see it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mihaiolimpiu View Post
    I saved a screenshot at that moment in time.. you can be the judge of fake or not!

    PS: sorry for the extra size for that picture but putting a smaller one up there really felt like loosing the evidence!
    Have you tried to use some filters in that image? and/or change to negative to see if you're able to spot anything suspicious? I'm not at home atm. But I'll check later if I can play around with the image to get something to pop up. Anyone can show me what a BD-r looks like from underneath? (the part that get's burned)

    anyway I'm still not convinced that this is a working exploit. Again it's the post date that bothers me and the lack of proof that he's indeed playing a backup. I hope he can show us the part where he actually is backing up/burning a BD-r and then putting it in the PS3. But then again it would still be easy to fake it by montage of the video.
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    well actually i tried every single filter in photoshop cs4 and found nothing. i also used negative colors and picture rotation and still nothing. i even tried fliping the image horizotally to see if i can actually recognize something but nothing was there to see.

    i've tweaked the brightness the exposure and the contrast. all i have to say is that the color looks like a burned bluray not a pressed one.. but that's just me.

    ps: if you want me to try something specific on the image tell me i'll be happy to help.

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    Has anyone actually tried this besides gassing about it being fake? I have a Bluray burner (LG GGW-H20 4x) and the blank bluray are very dark underneath AND you can get printable BD-R.

    Surely he means install ubuntu on the PS3, XP on your PC and copy the game from the PS3 drive to the PC via network? Burning the image is easy afterwards (imgburn)

    I've got Motorostorm and PS3 firmware 3.10 and a few blank BD-R. I'll try a few games that I have that are 25Gb or less (dual layer BD-R - 50Gb - expensive)

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    why would he recommend to install xp on your pc? ^^

    i think he really wants you to install some windows on your ps3 (reason for clonecd) and i think thats just becoz his bluray burner cant read the ps3 discs... and thus he's using the ps3 as cheap workaround pc for reading images... he could have said 'get LG xxxx bluray drive to be able to create an image' but he didnt... anyways... for 1s you can see thats a little guy ~13yrs old i guess... and thats very suspect him having the knowledge for this.

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    Here is the answer to your question: There's a section of PS3 discs that can ONLY be read on the PS3 drive. It doesn't show up on other generic BD drives. If you used that method to backup, it's why you're failing. SKFU did it some time ago, so I doubt it's a fake.

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    sorry guys, i read all the posts yet, but can someone tell us if this works or not, if it has been tested or not.

    what do the dev-team thinks about that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dondolo View Post
    what do the dev-team thinks about that?
    They believe that this does not work.

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    A few Devs on IRC gave it a try, but nobody could recreate what was done with the savegame... so while the original MotorStorm method works, this remake of it doesn't seem to work for anyone but MysticHades.

    Unless someone is able to provide a better video or guide, chances are this will go nowhere fast.

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