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Thread: Video: MotorStorm PS3 Hack - Exploit to Run PS3 Backups!

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    the wire Guest
    If you look at the back/bottom of the "burnt" disc as he shows it, it looks exactly like a PS3 Original, you can not see any "burnt" area plus it is not dark enough to be a BD-R. Anyone agree?

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    veggav Guest
    Ok let me say to you what I did... First I have to say it seems to WORK!

    I do not have EU motorstorm but the US one (BCUS98137).

    1. I copied my save to my usb (just to know the right path) the guy that showed us the path had misstyped it's savedata not savedatE.

    2. So.. I put my usb back to my computer swaped every file to the one avaliable to download.

    3. Them the ps3 will say that the files are corrupted.

    4. If you let the game play it will play normaly but if you press the PS button fast the system will hang and EVERYTHING that is showed in the video happend here.

    5. Eject the disk

    6. Put another one (I tryed my original silent hill disk - I do not have any BD-R here) and the system reboots!!

    So this seems legit to me. I'll buy a bd burner tomorrow for sure!

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    semitope Guest
    same thing happened with me, but it also happens with a regular save now.

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    veggav Guest
    Maybe motorstorm is the exploit not the save. Maybe all you need is just motorstorm openning to play backups.

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    Mathieulh Guest
    Due to the way the disc authentication is performed as well as the fact that you can't just "crash" lv1 with a savedata, this is obviously a fake.

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    Greazy Guest
    Well I have A LG BDburner and 2 launch 60 gig and 1 slim ps3 if anyone wants me to try anything to help just let me know!

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    veggav Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mathieulh View Post
    Due to the way the disc authentication is performed as well as the fact that you can't just "crash" lv1 with a savedata, this is obviously a fake.
    Speaking so technically like that just shutdown my smile

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Wow, 3 days into the New Year and already thereŽs 2 different ways for PS3 backups.

    who would of thought, after all these years, the mighty PS3 would fall to a savegame and thanks for the tutorial. Now that i know how to make a backup of a ps3 game, I can play them all, because MysticHades says it works with all games

    This does freeze the PS3, so there can be no doubt that it is an EXPLOIT. I even deleted the save and I can still freeze the PS3. So I guess the "exploit" gets installed to the HDD or the Nand chip.

    Since a lot of people want to start the NewYear with slinging BS around I thought IŽd throw some of my own.

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    xxkrizxx Guest
    its a fake, demonhades said he has nothing to do with this.

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Just my 2 cents!

    I don't know about you guys but for me it's REALLY HARD to get a disk like that! Usually it says TRAXDATA, VERBATIM, some other company logo or the BD logo at least!!!... Not talking about BD but every kind of writable media actually!

    As it looks it's only a tape covered disk or ... a PRINTABLE DISK!!! and so many nowadays use this kind of disk... ...

    I really, really wanted this to be true.. but come on! REALLY? NO COMPANY LOGO ON THAT DISK?

    On the last video at 10:51 if you look closely I think that it's even visible one of the 3 small PS logo on the back of the "BACKUP"... and at the opposite side the long PLAYSTATION LOGO is barely visible!

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