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Thread: Video: MFW - The First Running ModFirmWare for PlayStation 3

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    nick999 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    To all:

    It's based on 3.41 Firmware like you see in the first 2 seconds of the video.
    Let's wait for the REAL CFW coming very soon.

    Greets Modmate
    i like the sound of this

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    kAs1m Guest
    Who is the creator of CFW? Brother of Darth Vader? Cuz he's breathing exactly like him!

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    BwE Guest
    yeah, this looks super lame..

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    Moegames Guest
    maybe someone just wants 10 minutes of fame.. or shame?

    I agree with you guys.. i don't think this is nothing but pure attention seeking agenda.

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    Warrorar Guest
    before this starts into a flame thread against this person. he did not say that this is a CUSTOM Firmware. he also did not said what he all did. don't put him words in his mouth or in the text who are not there.

    he calles it ModFirmware. which is deffenetly NO CustomFirmware so stop blame him for this video.

    Everyone started little. and like all the backup managers getting more and more style updates. also he wants to make the normal xmb more backup friendly. like he showed in this video. he renated the tv to hombrew. included some startup icons. and so on.

    dont blame him for things he not did.. i tell you again.



    ps.: sorry for capslook but i know that many people dont read the whole text. so i made the important parts in capslook.

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    Transient Guest
    I'm glad somebody said this. I thought it was a nice idea what he has done here with modding the menus. What's wrong with that? If it's not for you then don't use it. No need to flame the guy over it.

    It's annoying how some things are just never good enough for people. Negative comments only serve to discourage developers from releasing their work.

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    riz1 Guest
    end of the day ps3 is hard cookie to break, news is news

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    mushy409 Guest
    Wait til CFW is released, there'll be a 1000 page topic for those trying to install it and breaking their console.

    If you can't wait for CFW - get a job, get a hobby, get a girlfriend, whatever... just be patient for everyone's sake. It's not fun having to read thru 30+ pages of brown cigars to get to the facts.

    Sorry for being blunt. Just woke up...

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    porschedrifter Guest


    It's exciting times for ps3. New methods and hacks are breaking all over now and the cat and mouse games have begun. Personally I'm following this particular development closely

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    azote Guest
    oh! this is getting better and better as we come close to Christmas!

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