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Thread: Video: Medal Of Honor PS3 Working with Open Manager on 3.41

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    modmate Guest
    Well, give online a try. Don't be scared .

    Did you use the modded EBOOT.bin or the original? You got BLES00860?


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    mj312932 Guest
    I finally played the MOH 3.41 JB: With GAIA-MANAGER V1.01 1.01 (Automatically fix PARAM.SFO with PS3_SYSTEM_VERSION> 3.41 (for MoH) and Hermes V4b (I have teens at90usb162t)

    1st Remove install.pkg - BLUS-30436 \ PS3_GAME \ PKGDIR \ PKG00
    2nd Put it on your Hard Drive Ext. (No internal HDD)
    3rd Gaia Manager to run 1.01, select the Medal of Honor, make sure that the patch on M (L1)
    4th Update patch 1.01 from the MOH Flasch Drive
    5th start with orig disc (game will then install the ext. HDD)

    Only now is copy the MOH game from the HDD to the external and internal HDD game when you first start back from the internal HDD installed on internal HDD and after that it works without any problems (now also without the patch membrane). No problem. Thank you all. Maikl

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    mohp Guest
    I'm on hermes v4, when i try to patch MOH, it says eboot.bin not found.

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    DESERT99 Guest
    who can install patch 1.01 EUROPEAN, where put file?

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    modmate Guest
    Are you sure on Hermes V4?? Anyway get yourself Hermes 4B. The older one is Buggy as hell.
    Quote Originally Posted by DESERT99 View Post
    who can install patch 1.01 EUROPEAN, where put file?
    If you don't like to install it online you have to put it on the root of your usb drive and install through XMB "Install PKG". That's it.

    Greets modmate

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    DESERT99 Guest
    i get this error 80029567.


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    mohp Guest
    I can't find hermes 4b for atavrxplain, would you know where i could find a compiled version?

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    FMAranda Guest
    Thanks, the OM2.1 doesn't work, but, i solved the problem.

    I deleted the update and then i put the game again and let it install the game data. When it finished i exit the game and installed the update again, and now, it is booting up fine and it is not installing the game data over and over.

    Now i'm happy. Thanks for all.

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    modmate Guest
    Glad to hear it works now for you. And i guess if you install a Patch Offline it prefered to first install the gamedata and then the Update. If you do it online it doesnt matter .

    Greets Modmate

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    FMAranda Guest
    Yes, i think the same. But thanks anyway.

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