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    coleix Guest
    The new hermes v4 allows to install the game on an external drive so i guess that is what he means. I read that the game takes 5 min to load and every time you wanna play it you have to install it again.

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    HCoimbra Guest
    om2 have a function (select button) which allows you to install game data in an external disk, but i read you have to put the game on an external disk to play. and install data game in internal or external.

    i'm gonna try in a few moments.. gonna feedback soon.

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    zaror1992 Guest
    I don't think that any other payload work, I just tried with PL3 and Gaia RC9 and OM 1.16 and it doesn't work. So if anyone want to play the game, just follow the tutorial.

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    HCoimbra Guest
    i follow the tutorial with om 2.1... but nothing, asks to update to 3.42..

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    Jurai2 Guest
    The debug MoH patch specified 3.30 as the min sys version instead of 3.42 like the retail game disc. I'm gonna make a wild assumption and guess that the retail patch is the same, and that the eboot the patch contains doesn't use the new gamekeys that the actual retail disc does use. So basically Sony enabled piracy of the game by letting the dev push out patches for an older sys ver, gj.

    Here's a link to the retail patch incase sony pushes a newer patch version


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    barbnjason Guest
    The PACK has the edited .sfo for MOH and the EBOOT.BIN for UFC 2010.

    So try that HCoimbra

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    HCoimbra Guest
    only works with hermes v4, om 2.1 pl3, gaia manager, om <2.1 dont work. game on external and install game data in internal or external.

    i'm gonna install hermes v4 on my olimex to try

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    d3adliner Guest
    I could care less about MoH, but it will be nice if it works with Luca Libra and the new Buzz! music quiz.

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    HCoimbra Guest
    when i enter game, it asks me to install 3.42

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    dentnu Guest
    A few things to note, from DJLO on psx-scene:
    The game needs to be on internal HDD. The game will only work with a disc in the drive.

    If you use the USA version, use the param.sfo that is in it's own zip. EUR will have the param.sfo in the pack.rar

    Copy the eboot.bin from the pack.rar and over write the one in your MOH folder (i did this using blackbox ftp after ripping the game to my internal drive with moh obm but the backup manager used to rip is irrelevant)

    Copy the param.sfo and over write the one from your folder (use USA or EUR depending on version you have)

    Install the OM 2.0 from the pack.rar, have it use /GAMEZ as the folder so it can see all your other games

    Put a disc in the BD and start OM 2.0

    Scroll down to MOH and press the SELECT BUTTON this will activate the patch to copy game data to the external HDD

    Launch the game, go back to XMB and start game from DISC

    Download will be available to 1.01

    After that it will install game data (took over an hour)

    Thats it

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