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  1. #111
    Bigshon Guest
    you can disable auto update of firmware

    Thank you, I've been waiting for this game

  2. #112
    HCoimbra Guest

    you have the game internal or external? can i copy the game to internal?

  3. #113
    Speedyzx Guest
    I can't get this to work... So 1st I did what the tut says fine... Game is installed on the External HDD, boots up fine, downloads the 1.01 update... But when it finishes, It just freezes.. Like on the XMB, And it freezes the whole system I have to turn it off...

    Then reboot again, now that's using the Hermes v3, psgroove-wininakoko-hermes-math-Linux update. When I use the Hermes V4 it says... You need to insert the original disk "medal of honor" and it gives me an error code... WTF?! It just wont start at all!

  4. #114
    pssneep Guest
    How do we in europe start this game ? with a usa version of the game ? how do we install the usa update ?

  5. #115
    me1972 Guest
    for this method i always get an error. how can i force the update with file on usb? where do i have to put the file, when do i have to start it?

  6. #116
    internetfloozy Guest
    So will this only work for games that have their first update out, ie 1.01 for medal of honor.

    I am waiting to play AAAA Lucha Libre Wrestling which requires the same firmware.

  7. #117
    HCoimbra Guest
    the file pkg in a pen drive for example, install it first. you install and then launch the game internal or external...

  8. #118
    xplodbleu Guest
    Super easy tutorial for EUR version:

    1: Download the game(MOH)
    2: delete one file from the game :
    3: Download and extract from PACK.rar EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO
    4: Replace BLES00860\PS3_GAME\PARAM.SFO and BLES00860\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\EBOOT.BIN with files from the archive
    5: copy the folder BLES00860 with all content to
    your external hdd ( to folder GAMEZ)(about 10 minutes)
    6: Put the hdd on ps3, and put any original game cd on your ps3 console
    7: start OM v2.1A and launch the game.
    the game will update to version 1.01
    after update was finished go again to OM v2.1A and copy the game to internal hdd(with the option from OM). (about 10 minutes)
    8: remove your external HDD
    9: Launch the game from OM...

    Note: you must use V4 Hermes!

  9. #119
    tremendazo Guest
    lucha libre works too, with the same method. ufc bin, hermes v4, edit sfo, gaia manager or om 2a patch game and play!

  10. #120
    HCoimbra Guest
    i think people are making some mistakes... it's not necessary to change eboots...

    my EA MMA, i change param.sfo to 03.400 internal and play.. i play about 3 hours.. no breaks...

    my MOH EUROPEAN, change param.sfo to 03.400
    install patch 1.01 EUROPEAN FIRST
    gaia manager rc9, enable mem patch (L1)

    launch game and im playing about 1 hour.. no breaks...

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