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    Apr 2005

    Video: LuaPlayer PS3 Beta 1.0 Arrives with PS3 LuaPlayer Demos

    Today jonlimle has released LuaPlayer PS3 Beta version 1.0 alongside some PlayStation 3 LuaPlayer demo videos and an update below.

    Download: LuaPlayer PS3 Beta 1.0 / LuaPlayer PS3 Beta 2.0

    From the video's caption: An early example of graphics and pad usage on my ps3 version of the PSP's LUA player, using the PSL1GHT SDK and ooPo's toolchain.

    To quote: LuaPlayer allows you to write homebrew in a simple language for the PS3, that doesn't need to be compiled. The new release features a GUI system, TTF fonts, and new texture support. This version brings support for TGA, GIF, and PCX textures. Currently there is no support for PNG and JPG, but it will work in the next release.

    This is a little project i started for people who want to make homebrew, but do not want to get the whole toolchain and sdk set up, and for people who do not know c/c++, this allows you to create homebrew for the ps3 in a language called Lua.

    There is a lot of documentation out there on the language, there isnt a ton of functionality in this release but there will be many more releases to come here is the contents of the readme, a list of custom functions and there documentation can be found in the file called "commands" inside of the zip.

    If you have any questions, comments, or requests you can post them wherever you downloaded this from, or you can also find me on irc in #luaplayerps3 on irc.freenode.net

    Here is a vid showing some of the features of it.

    LuaPlayerPS3 beta 1.0 Written by jonlimle
    XMB icons created by yamagushi

    Current Features

    • Texture loading (currently only supports BMP)
    • Onscreen text rendering
    • Controls (including sixaxis and joysticks)
    • Screenshots
    • All standard Lua functionality (with the exception of the OS functions)
    • PC emulator that can be used to test scripts before you run on the ps3 (Linux, Mac and Windows binaries included, if you are using the windows binary and get some missing dll messages, those dll's are in the "compat DLL's.zip" file in the emulator folder)

    Future Features

    • Support for more image formats
    • Support for TTF fonts and font customization
    • Audio support
    • More advanced rendering functionality
    • Networking capabilities

    How to use

    • copy everything that is in the "Copy to USB root" to the root of your USB drive
    • install the pkg as you would any other pkg
    • all files that you attempt to open from lua must be on your USB drive
    • any scripts that you make, must be on the root of the card, and named app.lua
    • when testing the scripts in the emulator, it will load app.lua in the same folder as the binary, all files that you attempt
    to load should also be in that same folder

    this release comes with an example app.lua which shows a few of the features of which you are currently able to do. when using the emulator, the keys are mapped in the folowing way:

    up = up arrow
    down = down arrow
    left = left arrow
    right = right arrow

    triangle = w
    square = a
    cross = s
    circle = d

    start = enter/return
    select = quote key (")

    R1 = Right shift
    R2 = Right control
    R3 = question mark

    L1 = Left shift
    L2 = Left control
    L3 = z

    There is currently no emulation of the joysticks or sixaxis in the emulator.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Lumute Guest
    This is actually pretty cool, LUA is one of the best scripting languages specially because it's simple, small and fast... Hopefully we can see GuitarsOnFire running in the PS3 soon...

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    stinky1978 Guest
    I am little disappointed that the OP doesn't have a TurboGrafx16 as well.

    LUA player is cool though. it should open the door for a lot of ports of stuff written for other systems.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Just a question, can i play some PSP Lua apps?

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    jonlimle Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    Just a question, can i play some PSP Lua apps?
    not in its current state, i will eventually add functions that will make it a lot easier to port psp lua apps though

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    FMAranda Guest
    Good, i'm anxious for the future updates.

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    shummyr Guest
    this is friggin amazing..

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