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    Those of you with firmware 3.41 who don't want to experiment with the 3.55 PUP CFW, but want to be ready for potential tests of signed homebrew / pkg / selfs...

    As I suggested some time ago, everyone can enable the app_home/install_pkg_files options in their firmwares both in retail and JB modes.

    Use mount_alejandro or freeflash and replace both category_game*.xml files in your dev_flash with the attached ones. I've done it when mount_alejandro appeared and it allows me to test pkg/apps in retail mode (no success tho with multiMAN yet).

    Here are both .xmls you need to replace in the proper folder.


    p.s. Both .xmls have all options of the game column like PS1/PS2 memory card utility, trophy collection, Saved data for PS3 and minis, etc...

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    Good Dean, this way is so much easier, thanks!

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    i don't think people are understanding what this means, just because he enabled package install for retail pkg files doesn't mean you can package the current backup managers in a retail pkg and be able to load your backups on 3.55 cfw or others there are no system calls for it, like the ones added in pl3 or hermes to load backups so while you can start backup managers they won't load games.

    in retail mode, unless they make it run in a debug type mode which would require a differant/modified cfw then the one released, that being said how much work to make 3.55 have the same features that the jb 3.41 did is hard to say but i don't think it will be overnight but i also dont see it taking months and months, just be patient and it will happend don't rush noone because now we are messing with the flash on the ps3 and if you don't know what your doing you could end up with a paperweight.

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    good work folks!! see this as a step towards something really big...

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    am using fw 3.4.1 which can work with jb... can i update to this cfw (KaKaRoToKS PS3 Custom Firmware) 3.5.5 ? i know it can't work wid jb , but it can run a signed app such as BM... so , if we get a pure pkg of BM... i think that will solve the riddle

    *(i suggest a pure signed pkg of multiman) ...

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    If you update to 3.55 you will not get jailbreak to work, but you will be able to run signed homebrews. The problem is that the managers uses syscalls that are only available with jailbreak, a CFW can solve this, i guess.

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    Couldn't you just use the already available PSGroove source, find out what it patches and modify kakarotoks patcher so that it changes the kernel mem?

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    I just wait longer, because now backup manager will work, its not real exciting for me yet, but progress is progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldogzz View Post
    Couldn't you just use the already available PSGroove source, find out what it patches and modify kakarotoks patcher so that it changes the kernel mem?
    I think someone will do that. KaKaRoToKS is not going to support piracy.

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    umm just as like a side question but did he change his name? cuz i don't remember a KS at the end of it. maybe a typo, maybe hes avoiding child support i don't know just curious cuz its pasted everywhere main page too.

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