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    Oct 2010
    they have a Fix for the Bluray Mess up... so as long as you dont brick ur system or something you should be fine.

    If you have a newer ps3 you may not be able to downgrade.. unless something new just happened and i missed it :/

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    Apr 2010
    i'm getting tired of all this.. sure its good to have new users. but not to go "can it play backups"

    just wait i suppose... thats what i'm doing.

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    Oct 2010
    as annoying as it gets, theres no way to avoid it. but you can always tell them to try it out, that's how we all do it, its how the modding scene works, after all, right?

    that way they can cry to themselves when they brick their systems because they didn't research first.

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    Sep 2010
    Nice, but do you know how can we sign homebrews? Do you've a guide?

    Thank you for 1.3 version.

    Can someone make it also for 3.41??

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