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Thread: Video: KaKaRoToKS Releases First PS3 Custom Firmware!

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    semitope Guest
    exactly what I was getting at. They look silly taking a position against piracy with what they do..

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    DemonSurfer Guest
    So if your 3.41 stay there? I'm getting a bit confused with all these loaders and stuff?? can any of them go online yet or no??

    I bought a really cheap 2nd PS3 yesterday which is 3.40 do i need to update that also to 3.41, if so how?

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    lucifer316 Guest
    actually i'm curious what homebrew people are talking about exactly when they say they want it for homebrew.

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    iUnknown Guest
    And its not so much the position that I find puzzling. I mean, everyone is entitled to hold their own opinion and form their own thoughts. That's all fine and good. Whether they're for or against an issue is inconsequential.

    I just can't help but wonder if there's this false sense of safety there, thinking that Homebrew will not be fought against or be more likely accepted. This type of behaviour or approach will only fragment the community and set others off against each other which is really a shame. You would think that you'd want to foster collaboration and harmony but perhaps I'm missing something.

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    inginear Guest
    re: the position against piracy these ps3 scene devs take a position against piracy because of legal recourse that is possible.

    ex: a shop opens up that copies legit blu-ray games but strips the signing/encryption/whatever and makes mass quantities of game copies. these game copies will only run with a certain firmware or program written just to run the games without signing/encryption/whatever. when the shop gets busted by the fed's, the people whom wrote the only code that allows these copies to be run will be charged as accessories. as without their code, there would be no need for a copy shop. this of course based on u.s. law, i am unfamiliar with international law.

    short version: the devs are covering their butts from legal stuff by saying that they do not condone piracy. and also by not releasing something with the sole purpose of piracy.

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    sinkillerj Guest
    Using the same method could we not remove the part of the 3.50 update that blocks the jailbreak? The revoke list if I'm not mistaken? Then it would be a simple matter of updating the offsets and whatnot like was done for every other firmware.

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    lucifer316 Guest
    i thought the idea was working towards eliminating the need for the jailbreak or have i missed something?

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    sinkillerj Guest
    It would allow a temporary solution.

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    flashpc Guest

    PS3 3.55 Downgrade help?

    The KaKaRoToKS CFW can apparently allow 3.41 to be installed over 3.55

    Can anyone explain how, cause if you can go back and forth surely you can play your backups on 3.41 and if you want to play online, people are going to have to dip into they're pockets, buy the games and jump upto 3.55 to play them

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    lucifer316 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sinkillerj View Post
    It would allow a temporary solution.
    if possible what reason is there to believe it would be any easier to do or could be done any quicker.

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