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    the problem there is that the ps2 games make calls to hardware not present in most ps3s. only the b/c ps3s have the ps2 chips needed to run the ps2 games. someone would have to code an emulator to translate those ps2 hardware calls to ps3 hardware calls.

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    Belmondo stated this on PS3iso: Yea, but not with any of the full games posted in this thread (using debug updates to make them full, as they are all npdrm) you will need to get the original debug update EBOOT.BIN extract to EBOOT.ELF using the PS3 SDK 3.41 and then resign it with Geohot's make_self_npdrm. In theory it should work.

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    Yeah, that was my thoughts, the process just needs to 'start over' for PSN games and they need to be signed with geohot's tool...

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    I don't think Geohot has the official Npdrm keys, that is why he make his custom firmware and a custom signing tools. So basically he sign our homebrew package to work on his firmware. He said that he patch the nas_plugin (nas= network (pan) authorization service ?) and using lv2diag to make it run (?).

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    In theory all this signing and installing would also work on retail 3.41 with jb usb right? Install then reboot not in jb and see if it works?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    edit: I'm bored & got some time, i will take requests for any homebrew not previously posted that needs to be signed.
    Is it possible for you to sign the latest official release of SNES9x:

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeohotCFW View Post
    Is it possible for you to sign the latest official release of SNES9x:
    hasn't this already been done?

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    yeah sorry, i wasn't searching properly.

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    Hey I keep gettin the error message when tryin to update am I doin somthin wrong? I followed the directions... I know you all are busy but any help would be nice. Thanks

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    What's the error code?

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