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    krilin7 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    Warmer, warmer, hot ! Really nice. It seems downgrading isn't the future - this seems to be the future !

    PS : He also failed with the USB port like the guy from fail0verflow - turn around 180
    The Slim console doesn't have any USB port on the back side.

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    nickbanane Guest
    I could conservatively estimate that 85% of the people want to run their backups, want to have them visible on network/psn. And there will be always a way for Sony to get you if you are in that group.

    Meanwhile, a fix for reasonable single player backups, homebrew and/or linux is a solution that is more than acceptable to many; and I would still be willing to buy a lot of legit games (and backup them) if there were a custom firmware that would allow me to do that.

    I hope the scene will allow me to get that as I feel that solution, with out excluding the other ones, would be available sooner.

    I'm still reading but I'm gonna stop following this thread when I see too much psn whining.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    What you mean by that ? I'm talking/kidding about the dongle. He turned the dongle 180 and not the PS3.

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    young blade Guest
    I have to be honest and hand it over to him...

    Normally I don't like the guy for the way he does things... But booting JB without a stick!! thats what we all want.. (and he knows it)

    And he's a guy who can put this hack on top of a shelf for months and than finally decide to release it..

  5. #25
    Zental Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by adaption View Post
    Why the hell is everyone so fond of PSN? I don't care if i can't use PSN or play games online as long as i can use Backups jeez...
    Because there are a lot of people that just want to launch homebrew on their PS3. And they will be banned. Even if they not played pirated games.

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    Jes03 Guest
    This IS the way to go. All these games that need patches will no longer be a problem.

    No matter what the homebrew devs do it all comes down to a GAME console and everyone that owns one will want to run games on it and just about everyone in this forum would want to run backups on it. If its a legit backup of a game you own (like me) or a downloaded pirated game or you hired and backed up yourself it doesn't matter.

    Thats what the devs (even the PSP devs) have to remember; A game console PLAYS GAMES and if you release a way to play backups but remove the actual playing of backups then you look pretty stupid. It's like Ford releasing a car with no wheels. STUPID IDEA. Someone will put wheels on the ford and someone will add backup support.

    FOF say they hacked the PS3 to install Linux. It could already run Linux till $ony removed the ability. Good for them for finding a way now but who is actually going to buy a $500 (AUD) console to install a free OS on it? Might as well buy a netbook which is a lot cheaper and it can run Linux stock without any modding.

    I would prefer a proper CFW that can run backups. If it cant then its not a proper CFW, its a joke. "I want CFW to run homebrew" why? You want to run your N64 games or SNES games? BUY A N64 or a SNES. Easy as that. The running of backups is what everyone wants first in a CFW, the emulators are an added bonus. Look at PS3 jailbreaking. Backups were first and homebrew 2nd. The way it should be on all consoles.

    I got a PS2 and I play my PS2 games on that. I was happy when my 60GB PS3 played PS2 games but it was an added bonus. When I got the slim I was disappointed it didn't play PS2 games but it wasn't necessary, more of an annoyance that $ony removed the ability for some stupid reason even that the hardware can easily do it. Still, it would be nice to play PS2 games on the slim as it would save a power point, a place next to the TV and an input on the TV.

    Thats my 5 cents...

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    drhuman Guest
    Does anyone know how Geohot is signing the *.pkg files? or he's running this modified plugin?

    He mentions that he ran a LV2diag to jailbreak the system and added a modified MAS/NAS? (Couldn't really hear this bit) plugin to not check for signed packages.

    So the *.pkg file was not signed?, if this is the case then we all need to know more about this modified NAS/MAS plugin, this could be the way to go?

  8. #28
    ahasverus Guest
    Agree 100%!

    But I think they need to keep pretending that they do it only for homebrew.

  9. #29
    adaption Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zental View Post
    Because there are a lot of people that just want to launch homebrew on their PS3. And they will be banned. Even if they not played pirated games.
    And how's Sony gonna do that, if a have absolutely no connection to the internet with my PS3?

  10. #30
    Zentsuken Guest
    How does that exactly refer to people wanting to use PSN again? I can use homebrew offline.

    As for Sony detecting this, well who knows how they will go about this. But really, when all Sony has to say is that they will "look into the matter" and patch it via "network updates" you kinda know they are royally screwed.

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