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  1. #101
    NtRnOs Guest
    It should paste the contents of the "dev_flash" in a USB key and use it with "FIRM JaiCraB USB LOADER V 0.3"

    But I have a black screen, I just noticed that the files "cert" and "dic" with "data" are empty.

    Otherwise my archive is here to show the contents of the 3.55

  2. #102
    twoboys Guest
    How can this work on 3.55? The JaiCrab .pkg isn't signed for 3.55. Where did you find these files? They look like a work in progress to me.

    What is your current set up that has given you a black screen?

  3. #103
    Brenza Guest
    mmm, do you know if geohot used kakaroto's cfw to run his homebrew?

  4. #104
    NtRnOs Guest
    Knowing that the files "sprx", "self", "rco" and others are compiled and encrypted in 3.50, it's normal that I have a black screen with JaiCraB 0.3. It should either update the homebrew JaiCrab with the new key's, which is Reversing the 3.55.

    [Register or Login to view code]

  5. #105
    tjay17 Guest
    I wonder if the way to go for backups is from discs since the cfws seem to not have whatever it is that allows the backup managers to mount the games to play.

  6. #106
    JNCbmhs Guest
    can't go from disks if we can't launch backup manager..

  7. #107
    NS37 Guest

    I'm new so plase excuse the cluelessness... I was wondering if the breakthroughs in cfw and the like are bringing us anywhere closer to being able to restore copy protected files from the original ps3 to the one we have?

    I'm reading through the forums and the like but I'm just not savvy enough to understand what is going on, would appreciate any guidance!

  8. #108
    kreiger3750 Guest
    If you're asking if we can modify games and re-encrypt them; the answer is yes.

  9. #109
    NS37 Guest
    Hi, thanks for the reply! What I want to know is if we can now somehow restore copy protected files to a different ps3

    People often have full system backups but the ps3 breaks, you repair it but get a refurb and when you try to restore you find most of your saved gamefiles are missing because they were linked to the motherboard's serial number.

    I'm hoping the recent developments will help ppl like me who have a good 2000 hours of playtime locked away in a file get it back to a new ps3? If we could now open those files and change the serials to match the destination or something.. no clue really and it seems most posts are about game backup when what I'm actually baffled about is saved data backup lol.

  10. #110
    tjay17 Guest
    What I meant was to play them as if they were retail discs like the backups on the Xbox 360 or the Wii. I am not sure if this is something doable with a cfw for the system or if it would require a cfw for the disc drive.

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