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    He he he - not a hack at all!

    Head over to the Playstation official forums (UK) - the "Xi mystery" is there discussed for over month now ... :P

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    Smile chances

    chances are this is a sony publicity stunt just like from a few weeks ago, it gets people talking about it, and gets more users on the server to check it out for themselves, maybe they are using it as a leadup for some extremely geeky game similar to the game on steam about hacking computers (my mind makes me forget the name but u all know what i mean)

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    a start

    this is a good start anyways.. cool stuff

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    until this can begin to lead anywhere besides changing text, it's pretty useless, correct?

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    Well the chances are that this was done deliberately by Sony therefore this is utterly useless. Some noob probably went on Home saw some different text and though someone had hacked $onys Servers so posted a video on YouTube.

    But thats just my opinion

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    But it' s a useful thing (For running unsigned code on the PS3) that the server side of home server's had been hacked? I think it's not (but i hope that someone will deny me)

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    First thing you need to run unsigned code is to bypass the hypervisior.From this case every hack would be useless until the hv could be bypassed or they get the signing algos to make it run on a retail ps3.

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    This "hack" was done after an upgrade of home that was requested for the accomplishment of the hack itself?
    Or the hack and this upgrade are two separate things ?

    because in the news there was written: I turned on the PS3, I started Home, I did the upgrade required .....
    because it seems that this strange message appears after this upgrade, upgrade that probably it's cripted and stored in the hdd, so i was wondering (if this supposition it's true) if hacking home server's it's possible to use the server itself to make cripted file that the ps3 will recognize and maybe moved manually to the correct root could be used as signed file ...

    Of course i'm not an expert and the mine is just an idea

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    seems like just a publicity stunt to me, and harmless.

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    I would agree that this is a Sony stunt of some sort. Either for a new home space, community game, or some kind of unveiling. Would be nice if it was a hack, but I think it's doubtful in this case.

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