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Thread: Video: Guide to Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drives to Other Consoles

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    modz4fun420 Guest
    I ran the remarry package and my bluray drive still don't work. The owner before changed it completely out. even the board so the chip was replaced to. Is there a way to get this ps3 working with a new bluray drive at this point? please help. can some one flash the bios to accept the new drive?

    PLEASE HELP!! How do you fix the communication to the drive? I got the "NG". so how can i fix it to connect? please give detailed help.

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    SpikeSpiegel Guest
    That way was perfect running 3.55 fw. And the fastest without downgrading. I built an hybrid PS3 and needed to remarry BD controller (lens is broken), and now i can run apps without problem of black screen.

    CECHC and CECHG works.

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    MrPeel Guest
    Steps 2 and 3 build the same USB? Also, exactly how do I do step 3? Must be in noob form.

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    madmannerism Guest
    I'm still having problems. I'm using a blu ray after I get "NG" or before but the movie never shows up in xmb on factory. Also I can't open packages (black screen) and can't change firmware from downgrader 3.55.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Read though posts on pages 6 and 7

    Try some of the things posted.

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    wa7ly Guest
    where do you get these remarry files?

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    caesar6902 Guest
    I have a ps3 on 3.55 cfw and when I try and run the service mode .pkg all i get is a black screen... I am trying to get into service mode so I can remarry a blu ray drive... Any suggestions or tips?

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    deaphroat Guest
    Thank you

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    coolman5874 Guest
    Does this still work?

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    yasser77 Guest
    very good

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