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Thread: Video: Guide: How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game Instantly

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Timestamps can be added easily, but I think Sony can find out you hacks it and ban your Account on lifetime.

    And yes, you have to upgrade to the newest firmware to sync, but if u have a new PS3, hacked their a lot of games sync it and than use it legit, maybe some people will buy a new PS3 ...

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    heartagram62 Guest
    This is just another way of cheating, just like using glitches in games like Call Of Duty, it aint big and it aint clever. I'm all for PS3 homebrew but if it means keeping jailbroken console away from the PSN, then so be it!

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    ok.. for you lame guys that want their profiles updated:

    1. Put all your trophy's you want on your PS3...
    2. Boot the PS3 on the latest FW with the CFW tool that has been released
    3. PROFIT with syncing

    O.. We are not responsable for BAN's

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    JW117 Guest
    i don't care about it as well, i will get my trophies legit i dont want to show off with hacked trophys. it did take me a long time to platinum gta and im still happy with it.

    After the trophy hack came for mw2 i platinumed it with those save hacks , i did that and i'm not looking up to it,

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    Sh1m3oN Guest
    I discovered this method before. (just look at the date in the video). But for not helping trolls to destroy "values of trophies", I haven't release how to, unlike Inaudex. Even my method works with all games, with an addition, arleady has the timestamp! it's easy

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    pasky Guest
    Never understood people's obsession with trophies. I guess large e-peens are in demand haha.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pasky View Post
    Never understood people's obsession with trophies. I guess large e-peens are in demand haha.
    Legit trophys do add a lot of replay value, yeah they are virtual trophys, but its cool seeing how you go unlocking trophys and by the end of the game have a couple only left to platnium. Also when you only have a couple of games you say what the heck lemme get those trophys and sync them to show off I did it.

    Getting a platinum is no easy task believe me I have only two, Im an adult with a full day job a house to look for and a girlfriend and when I did my platinums it was something pretty cool. Even my girlfriend how isnt a gamer thinks getting all the trophys is cool, she says thats sick hehehe.

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    Neikos Guest
    I don't like this, it will ruin the game it self. Is no a problem if you want to copy it, cuz there are ppl that can't expend too much money on them and you own the game it self and should be yours the decision if you want or not share them... but this!.. it will ruin the experience of any game... Come on guys for me this is to much i'll just pass it.

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    metaphysics Guest
    i had a try just to have a mess about now my bioshock 2 trophies have disappeared and the game will not load, oh well that sucks..

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I tried to hack Far Cry 2 just for fun.

    But I stuck now. I want 100% and just have 97% and Platinum. If i pressed /_\ I see in the Trophy info on PS3 that I unlocked 48 / 49 trophies. A silver one is missing I just have 6 instead of 7, but every trophy in the list with picture.

    Can anybody help ?

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