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Thread: Video: GeoHot on PS3 Hacks at Nuit Du Hack Conference in Paris

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    AnAngryTaco Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xhugox View Post
    Well, he actually did, he showed us that he can change themes using his cool exploit, isn't this demo enough?! (*cough* this was already possible *cough*)

    Anyways, I guess after 3 months we can call it a fake?
    Um... He edited a .RCO file... If you know about custom PSP themes, you would know that they are made by using modified RCO files. Custom RCOs can rearrange icons, change the size, font, etc. If I remember correctly, that wasn't possible before.

    And Sony didn't remove Other OS because Geohot made them believe something. They removed it because of his exploit... Which is real...

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    TACOTIME77 Guest
    Someone needs to punch him between the eyes.. very very hard...

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    IceColdSniperX2 Guest

    Big Grin

    The people he was talking was laughng at him.. lol

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by proskopina View Post
    Now don't get me wrong, I don't want the PS3 cracked, Why? Why not, you ask? -Because yes games cost money and it's a pain in the neck but there is a little joy in actually buying a game you support.

    These game companies can't stay in business if we bit the hand that feeds us, I want amazing games, I don't want the 60 to 100 million dollar budgets cut -that companies use to make games-

    because that's how we get great games, if they think they can't make the money back they will start making games that are crap for far less money- and instead of epic, we will get cheesy and stupid games.

    How would you like someone saying -oh your check for making games which was going to be $400,000 thousand for the year is now $8,000 because of privacy (I would quit and go do something else to feed my family)

    I don't want the guys making Crysis 2 to Quit, or God Of War IV or the Last Guardian or any of these epic games coming to my PS3...

    We live for games, and we have to support them, it's how we get epic games -and as a gamer these good times are too Amazing to mess up.. Don't kill my PS3 Dude!!! I love that thing.
    I tend to agree with you on some of your comments. Piracy will be the cause for crappy games. They also need an income for their work in order to produce games we want and would accept from a quality and fun persepctive.

    However, I wouldn't mind the PS3 being hacked for the things users want. $ony does not give users what they ask for and if the PS3 is hacked, there would be an oppertunity for coders to come up with homebrew to enable the things users asked for (like other hacked consoles/platforms).

    I am totally against piracy, but I suppose it is inevitable when the PS3 gets hacked. I would however choose not to purchase pirated games.

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    CodeKiller Guest


    @OGroteKoning: So you think atari was so depressed by the piracy they could just produce E.T. (for the atari 2600) ? EA is so broken down, they couldn't produce a decent NFS in the recent years? (just to name a few..)
    Or if you think of muliplayer: MW2 is hacked even in ps3... (one of the best selling title so far...)

    @proskopina: if you think the game industry will collapse, if somebody hacks the ps3, then it's time to wake up dude! Every other platform opened up by now, and see, there is still wii, x360, ds (the best selling of them all), and there are games for them! New and good games for them! (sadly the psp games were mostly just ports of other platform games and still now.. but still not died out yet)

    The crappy games are caused by bad management, "milking" strategy, lack of time/resource, lack of deep testing, etc.. but NOT the piracy. As far as the official release is tied to sony quality check, and require the not so cheap SDK there won't be so crappy official games (as example big rigs ). The unofficials will likely be free so it's a good excuse even for the worst ones.

    If the developers making games that sucks, they will deserve the lack of revenue. (In extreme case pirating will decrease the QUANTITY of games but not necessarily the quality.)

    Pirates most likely won't buy games otherwise, or will pick just really good ones.

    In addition, game rentals aren't there everywhere.

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    hunterrr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GZA1984 View Post
    Maybe it was his application to get into the showbizz. What's next? The George Hotz show?
    My guess would be more themes like "Hello Geo!"

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    tjay17 Guest


    My guess is that it might increase sales of the ps3 if cracked.

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    xrayglasses Guest
    My realistic analogy: This is like saying a 700 million dollar fine is going to have a negative economical or positive moral affect on an oil company..

    I know small software vendor owners who recover from piracy in real time, Sony isn't just a game console maker. They could dominate just off one of their markets.

    I think it's annoying how ignorant people are to logic, logistics, and sociology when it comes to most things. You can't build morals off marketing and semantics..

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CodeKiller View Post
    @OGroteKoning: So you think atari was so depressed by the piracy they could just produce E.T. (for the atari 2600) ? EA is so broken down, they couldn't produce a decent NFS in the recent years? (just to name a few..)
    Or if you think of muliplayer: MW2 is hacked even in ps3... (one of the best selling title so far...)
    Yeah ... maybe you are right. I just thought logically that in order to get income, you need to sell games. And the more games you sell, the higher the profits. The higher the profits the better you can pay coders. The more you can spend on coders the more you can develop your own or hire better ones.

    The better the coders the better the games. Logik also tells me that if games get pirated and the companies sell less games, then their income and profitablity will be less. And less income might lead to poorer games ... i'm sure you get my drift ...

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    With GeoHot's retirement announcement, I have started a new thread in the Site News now so continue discussion here guys:

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