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Thread: Video: FUEL PS3 Trophies Hack, GameSave and Guide Available

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    Video: FUEL PS3 Trophies Hack, GameSave and Guide Available

    Just before the weekend dr_frankenfusion of (linked above) shared both a video and GameSave file for a FUEL PS3 Trophies hack which allows you to obtain all but four PlayStation 3 Trophies to save countless hours driving around a deserted map.

    To quote: If you're like me and don't want to spend 80 hours at a crap game but don't want that game to go to waste then how does a quick and easy platinum sound... You will get all but four trophies for just loading up the game.

    For this to work you need to follow these steps exactly, don't rush ahead:

    1- Plug your usb memory stick into ps3 first with no current ps3 saves on the memory stick.

    2- Go to saved data utility on a psn account with a previous saved file of the game your getting a save for.

    3- Copy your current save to the memory stick then delete the save of the ps3 only after saving it to the memory stick and unplug it from the ps3 and put it into pc/laptop.

    4- Ok drag and drop your folder file called ps3 from your memory stick onto your pc so you have a backup of your original save.

    5- Ok now download the rar file and save it to your desktop. Now go to and download winrar 3.91 choose your operating system once installed extract the rar file you have just downloaded from here.

    6- Now open the folder copy a file called "savegame" and then paste/replace it to the file from the memory stick in the ps3 folder "your original gamesave".

    7- Plug the memory stick back into the ps3 go to saved data utility find your attach game save and press and copy to ps3 and that's it.

    Check out the video below!

    [imglink=|Video: FUEL PS3 Trophies Hack, GameSave and Guide Available][/imglink]
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    vikeor Guest
    I shall try this out today

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    Calimero Oeuf Guest
    I'll just try only to have multiplayer trophies i miss

    I have all other of them.. Is there the same game file for EU version ?

    Edit: I can confirm the savegame file is the same for both regions and it's working on EUR version.

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    coleguilla Guest
    This is cheating, but very tempting. To do or not do it... mmm probably i'll do it for those trophies nearly imposible to obtain, like the multiplayer or the one to get all fuel barrels.

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    kevsmith Guest
    Might be worth renting it then! What four trophies doesn't it unlock and are they easy to get?

    Reckon you can get banned for it? I remember a buzz quiz glitch that let you unlock some trophies but this seems like a game save edit. Anyone know sonys policy on that?

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    Raze1988 Guest
    2010 is heating up with exploits and glitches. I like that

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    vikeor Guest
    tried it and it works!

    The trophies that aren't unlocked are:

    Hello World!
    In free ride, go from Offshore Shack Camp to Tsunami Reef Camp without resorting to the chopper.

    Salt over Snow
    In free ride, go from White Flats Camp to Pinwheels Ridge Camp without resorting to the chopper.

    Sand to Stone
    In free ride, go from Tsunami Reef Camp to Redrock Bluffs Camp without resorting to the chopper.

    and the Platinum after that.

    They are just point A -> B driving.
    The first trophy takes about 20min to complete.
    The other two are about 2-3h adventures across the entire map :P

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    mcstyle24 Guest
    I got 12 Platium so far, if someone already done Fuel Platinum in hard way, it will be useless now, cause people think he use Fuel saved data to hack all trophy. This is lame, serously people, I hope Sony patch it up vey soon and ban them who ever use Trophy hacks again.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Indeed. This is Lame. If you use this you admit that you are a bad gamer. This ruins the whole trophy idea...

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    51N15T3R Guest
    This sounds a lot like the Platinum glitch for SOCOM Confrontation that was found in Dec. 09

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