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    Apr 2005
    In what may be the most lame video thus far, YouTube user vakalokass has shared one of a Hello World for Sony's PS3 entertainment system today.

    Why is it considered lame exactly? Well, for starters the PS3 has been hacked and running code that Sony doesn't approve of for a few weeks now via PS JailBreak- including full PlayStation 3 game backups.

    Download: PS3 Hello World

    Anyway, those interested can check it out below and be aware it was made with a simple printf application using samples from the leaked PS3 SDK.

    Finally, the video's caption simply reads as follows, to quote: "The first HelloWorld in PS3, by The_Marioga and CORAGON"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    DAZE Guest
    XD not so hard to make with SDK.

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    ibuycheap Guest
    I doubt eavpsp could do it.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Lame video indeed! ^^

    But still, this is the first homebrew (we can't really consider the backup loader as an homebrew, right?) to surface on the Ps3.

    It's also the first time that a backup loader is out BEFORE a Hello world

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    mossopinc Guest
    oh hello world how interesting... YAWN next.

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    tripellex Guest
    Wow. Just wow. Of all the apps someone could have made, someone just HAD to make a friggin' Hello World. Order that man a "Punch in the Face" combo with a side order of "Fail".

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    Apr 2005
    At least they could have used the leaked SDK tools to make something worthwhile that will run on a retail PS3 via JailBreak instead of just printing "Hello World" to the screen hehe... I guess it was inevitable though.

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    highcol1911 Guest
    why is the file 10 mb my hello worlds are like 50kb or less

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    tripellex Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by highcol1911 View Post
    why is the file 10 mb my hello worlds are like 50kb or less
    Cuz it's chocked full of FAIL goodness, with a creamy nougat center, and only 5 calories!

    That'd be my guess.

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    Mbb Guest
    Those guys should make some cfw

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