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    Well this is the best that anyone else has come up with thus far. Besides PSJailbreak's homebrew which is more like pay-brew that was hacked :P. I wouldnt think Backup Manager 1.1 will be a reality now that PSJailbreak has run into a brick wall with issues. Until then, this is the best the scene can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jokr2k10 View Post
    Would be cool if you got a trophy for running it LOL... but of course, since those are sync'ed with Sony, that wouldn't happen...(or could it? custom trophy's for homebrew games?)
    I dont see why not the 360 has custom achievements for its jtag emulators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aries2k6 View Post
    I know "Hello World" is lame but I´m still glad to see another pkg of unsigned code made and running. Heck, if I had the full sdk I would of tried to code one just for the fun of seeing my unsigned code running off of XMB, lol
    Yeah, but nobody here has the full sdk (yet).

    Have a leaked and illegal SDK and make a ´hello world´ - changes the world

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    I made a Hello World using the SDK 3 days ago. I didn't post anything about it because I didn't know if this forum liked the SDK being talked about... I've also made an EBOOT Loader using :
    void sys_game_process_exitspawn2(
    const char *path,
    char const *argv[],
    char const *envp[],
    sys_addr_t data,
    size_t data_size,
    int prio,
    uint64_t flags
    I'm currently making a "tool" with handy thing's in it. The SDK takes a while to get used too. I shall post my findings tomorrow after I've finished my simple tool.

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    Yes, we are 100% fine with SDK-related releases, until a non-Sony SDK is available it's all that can be used to create PS3 homebrew.

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    Would I be hunted down if I released a '.pkg' created using SONY's SDK?

    I'm thinking of PSJB's 'manager.pkg' and nothing has been said about that. So I guess I'm safe?

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    awesome if true gunner.. id love to make code me some homebrew for the ps3 will you release a compiler?

    gunner upload it via megaupload or something after its in the wild your good :O

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    Hmm... can't play the video :S... not authorised??

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    It says it's removed by the user now... I guess if anyone finds a mirror for the video just reply with it here and I will update the first post.

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    I see a lot of code to be a simple printf as you say in the news:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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