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Thread: Video: Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game from KaKaRoToKS is Released

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    Video: Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game from KaKaRoToKS is Released

    Today Sony PlayStation 3 hacker KaKaRoToKS has released a PS3 homebrew game port titled Eskiss which utilizes the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries).

    Download: Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game / Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game (Public Domain Brush Icon) / Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game (3.41 PKG)

    To quote: The Eskiss game using the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) running on a PS3. Smooth framerate at 1080p resolution.

    Eskiss is just a simple game like a PoC, I ported it to show you what can be done using the EFL (I love the animations! )

    And don't forget, the EFL are the core libraries used by E17, a desktop manager like Gnome or KDE (that's what I use). it's many libraries that can do a lot of things, and have a widget lib (button, sliders, checkbox, etc..) and they should be used in order to create new HB!!

    The game can be played with a mouse or with a controller, this video was done using a mouse.

    And here's a video for those who didn't try Eskiss yet (yes, I suck at this game!)

    For the curious, here is the patch to Eskiss for porting it to the PS3.. all of the work I did was in the libs it used

    Finally, to quote from Sony PlayStation 3 hacker Youness Alaoui via The EFL run on Playstation 3 !

    Dear Enlightened people of the world,

    We are happy to announce that we have started working on a native port of the EFL for the Playstation 3 system.

    This port comes as great news for the ps3 homebrew community which has been strugling with a complete lack of tools for easily developing application. With PSL1GHT (The unofficial PS3 SDK) and a port of the SDL as pretty much the only available libraries for the PS3, not much could be done without a huge waste of time in order to reimplement all the basic things.

    The initial port of the EFL was done in just a couple of days, where eina, eet, evas, ecore, embryo and edje were made available and a port of expedite and eskiss were successfully running on the PS3.The port was made using the SDL engine for evas, and while it worked, the performance wasn't great.

    Work has continued since then and a new psl1ght engine was added to evas which makes use of PSL1GHT's capabilities for setting up the display. For now, it is still a work in progress and the rendering is still done in software, but we plan on making the engine fully hardware accelerated to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of the Playstation 3 console. The engine now has mouse and keyboard support as well as mouse emulation using the PS3 controller.

    Elementary, the EFL widget toolkit has also been partially ported and this means that all of the widgets that elementary provides can be used in applications, this should make development of any kind of homebrew application much easier, whether it be for an alternative PS Store, or for in game menus. Edje, the powerful layout engine, will also allow developers to write themeable applications, or games, with nice animations and all the eye candy they need.

    On a side note, this work also means that the EFL will soon have joystick support added into evas, ecore and ecore-input, and this will hopefully bring us tons of new EFL-based games and apps for the PC as well.

    A thank you goes to KaKaRoTo, zerkman and gzorin for their work in making this possible.

    And here is the mandatory video showing Expedite running a few tests on a PS3:

    As well as Eskiss running beautifully in full HD:

    We will keep you informed of any progress on this area, for now here is a quick TODO list for what's to come:
    • hardware accelerated rendering
    • full joystick support
    • support for the Move controller
    • full support of Elementary and all of its widgets
    • more apps and games ported

    [imglink=|Video: Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game from KaKaRoToKS is Released][/imglink]
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    OGroteKoning Guest
    He is a talented man! Well done!

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    Video: Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game Update with PS Move Support

    Today PlayStation 3 hacker KaKaRoToKS has updated the Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game with PlayStation Move support for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users alongside a video below.

    Download: Eskiss PS3 with PS Move Support (3.55) / Eskiss PS3 with PS Move Support (3.41)

    To quote: Hi all, I'm releasing Eskiss with Move support and I think the instructions on how to use it require a bit more than what twitter allows (from my usual small updates).

    You can download here the Eskiss package for PS3 3.55, and here the package for PS3 3.41.

    The instructions are simple, you can still play with a normal mouse if you want, or use the controller to emulate the mouse, just like before. But, if you have a PS Eye camera plugged in, then it will also be ready to handle the Move.

    If it detects a move controller, the ball on the controller will be white, at that point, you must press the Action button while pointing the controller to the camera (thereís no image feedback on the screen, so just point and press the action button). This will calibrate the controller and the ball will change color. At this point, moving the controller will also move the cursor on screen.

    You can press the Action button at any time to recalibrate the controller (useful if the tracking stops working correctly, or camera falls off), and you can press the Start button at anytime to center the cursor on screen. Pressing the T button trigger will emulate a click.

    You have the choice between two tracking modes, the first one (the one selected by default) is the 3D coordinate system, which means the cursor appears on screen with 1 to 1 precision (kind of) with where the controller is located in the room, so you have to move the whole controller to move the cursor (and even maybe stretch your arms to get to the corners), the second tracking mode is using the internal gyroscope of the controller, in other words, you can move the cursor just by pointing or rotating the controller without moving the whole controller in 3D space.

    You can switch from one tracking mode to another at any time by pressing the Select button. Try them both and see which one you like best.

    P.s: When you press the Action button to calibrate, the ball will change colors a few times, you must not move the controller while itís doing that, do not move until it becomes a solid, stable color. If the ball becomes white again, it means you moved and the calibration failed... in that case, try again.

    P.p.s: In this release, I have also fixed the crash that you might have had in the previous version, so the game should be a lot more stable. While it still might crash, it is now very rare and shouldn't break the gameplay like it did before.

    And here's a video demo of the game running with the Move controller, courtesy of fungos:



    [imglink=|Video: Eskiss PS3 Homebrew Game Update with PS Move Support][/imglink]
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    This game looks like fun, I don't have a mouse to use on my PS3 so I'll just use my move controller.

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