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    Apr 2005

    Video: Custom PS3 Cheat PKG Disc Backup is Now Available

    Today BahumatLord has made available a custom PS3 cheat PKG disc backup alongside a video of it in action from Ronin22222 below.

    Download: Custom PS3 Cheat PKG Disc Backup (1GB) / Update (33KB) / Update #2 (26.9MB) / 355.Cheat.Packages.Resigned.For.All.4XX.CFW-ZMK.rar (870.46 MB - Password: ZOMBIEKILLAH) by ZOMBIEKILLAH

    To quote: If anyone remembers a wile back when all the commonly used file hosts went down we lost a lot of files. Among them were the cheat pkg files that let you play your game the way you want to. I've made a custom disc backup that has a graphical interface for installing all of the cheat pkg files that I could find.

    I thought you guys might like to check it out. There will be updates in the future any time a new cheat pkg is released or if I missed anything on the first release. You will only need to download the main disc backup once. All future updates will be able to be applied by simple drag-and-drop in windows. NO HASSLE GUARANTEE.

    Alll credits go to the original posters and to the people that were able to salvage these download links. More info about what these cheat pkg files can do can be found here:

    New Cheats PKG Collection: psx-scene.com/forums/f180/new-cheats-pkg-collection-no-requests-84071

    And Codemasters Project: codemasters-project.net

    There is also a txt file at the root of the disc backup that can be loaded in multiMAN's File Manager that shows you what most of these cheats will do and how to use them. Now on with the show. Pics and vids aren't the best, but you guys will get the idea

    Before anyone asks about the artwork it's not mine. It just reminded me of a frustrated gamer.

    This is a large (1 gig) download. You will only have to download once. Future updates will be much smaller and applied to the original download very easily.

    Treat this like any other backup disc. just drop it in your \GAMES folder and load from multiMAN. Enjoy

    Update: From BahumatLord, to quote: Fixed issue with sorting order being reversed (Z-A) It now sorts correctly A-Z.

    Added info about what each cheat pkg does and also info about if you need to do anything special to get it to work. Keep in mind that it is an extremely limited amount of space under each icon so I had to abbreviate in some cases.

    Old Style:
    Killzone 2 (PAL).pkg

    New Style:
    Killzone 2 (PAL)
    Infinite Ammo
    Infinite Grenades
    Move files to BXES00081

    Normally most of these pkg files will install an icon to the xmb. There are some that don't. If you don't see an icon then it is an UPDATE pkg. Just run your game like normal after installing.

    The cheat pkg files that do install a new icon the XMB you'll install the pkg, boot the game backup from multiMAN and load the game from the new icon - not the disc icon.

    If you look at the last line above for the new style it says Move files to BXES00081. What that means is you need to move the contents of the game backup's USRDIR (minus the EBOOT.BIN) to dev_hdd0/game/BXES00081/USRDIR

    As promised this is a very small update. The original download was about 1 GIG. This update is only 33 KB but it should make things clearer for everyone

    Requirements: You will need both the main download and the update download. If you downloaded the main file before, then there's no need to do it again.

    Installation: Extract the contents of CHET12345-01.rar. Copy the PS3_EXTRA folder into the cheat disc folder. You should be prompted to overwrite. Overwrite everything.

    Update 2: Added Tekken 6 (PAL AND NTSC) and Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition (NTSC). - Add this the same way as UPDATE 1. For now these new icons will appear at the bottom of the list. When there is a fair number of updated cheat pkg files then I will fix the sort order.

    Installation: Do the same thing as the installation for UPDATE 1. You will need both updates for the time being.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BauerIvan Guest
    Fix the video!!

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    kombat75 Guest
    It seem I having problem downloading this cheat code.

    Anyone having this problem ??

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    Apr 2005
    The video works fine here, strange indeed..

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    Ezio Guest
    The video work fine for me, too, and no problem to download the cheat code, so I don't understand what about your problems ...

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    BauerIvan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BauerIvan View Post
    Fix the video!!
    sorry it was my Java ^^

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    kombat75 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
    The video work fine for me, too, and no problem to download the cheat code, so I don't understand what about your problems ...
    I think my internet connection having problem... Will try again tonite..

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    technodon Guest
    excellent work and a brilliant way to patch games

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    bernywtf Guest
    just one week, and it's already not working u.u

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    ronc1931 Guest
    Does not work anymore CFW 4.30

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