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Thread: Video: Connecting to PSN on PS3 CFW 3.55 Kmeaw

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    mknapper1 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    The installer mounts dev_flash as in FREEFLASH and Alijandro, so it itself can write to dev_flash. After running the installer enter a file manager proceed to copy over whatever you want. One tutorial this guy permanently changed his fonts, I myself edited a couple .rco files to change my app_home/PS3_GAME tab to read "Play Game" this is all permanent. It works, believe me!!
    How did you change it to "Play Game" ?

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    chomps268 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by heartagram62 View Post
    I'm sorry but I feel I must point out that you are just as bad as $ony in this case, The custom firmware you are running is a "theft" & rewrite of what $ony own. I think they are doing the right thing by keeping CFW and homebrew away from their own private network. I mean, If you all want your own homebrew applications and the ability to run back-ups fine, but keep it away from people who want to use the network to play properly where hackers can't reset your stats for example.
    There's a difference between people who mod their consoles and people who cheat in games. You're linking two completely irrelevant things together... Most of us do play on the network 'properly' (by your terms).

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah but the problem is if people are modding their consoles, cfw etc and connecting to the PSN there's no telling what kind of code they're running and I'm not talking about cheats. sony don't give a damn about cheaters hence the treyarch ban instead of a PSN ban, but people running full on custom code on their PS3's could pose a very real security risk.

    Not yet but it wouldn't be long. I don't think cfw systems or jb systems should be on PSN at all, not that I was ever dumb enough to put my card details in there anyway lol.

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    ilikeitindabutt Guest
    I was wondering would it be possible to Downgrade some how to 3.55 or getting a CFW i noticed and i' am sure alot of you have to but when trying to reinstall geo or kmeaw cfw it will install up to 99% then say corrupted. now what are the chances of getting this to work with the 3.55 OFW pup? where it will show up for a install and getting it to install fully without any add on in it like ftp unless i'am behind in times and this is already done. or has been attempted. does that sound possible ?

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    daveshooter Guest
    I think this is wrong, hacked PS3 should not go on PSN, nor should people keep creating ways to do it, and if they do find a way, then keep it to your selfs and stop showing off, and giving Sony more reasons to keep updating the fw and stop us doing more Joyfully important things, other than wrecking lobbies. Sorry flame me, but this is killing online gaming for the true players. Come on think about it, leave PSN alone, its only just starting to get more enjoyable now theres no cheating.

    With respect to you my friend I don't disbelieve you as you say "Most of us do play on the network 'properly'

    But on the other hand some don't, and to be fare to you, its not like you needed this thread to work it out, nor are you trying to get on the PSN for the wrong reasons. But now that its spelled out and made easy for the new hacking upstarts, the one's that asked in every thread, "How can I make lobbies and cheat?" well theres no end of things that could happen. It's been said i a post back, " if people are modding their consoles, cfw etc and connecting to the PSN there's no telling what kind of code they're running and I'm not talking about cheats" And Barry hit it in a nut shell.

    It's only our imagination that limits the possibility on someone with a Hacked PS3, running Linux, and having PSN access. In my mind this must never happen, or at least not in the wrong noobs hands.

    Any ethical hacker will agree with me knowing this, with what the full implications are with a penetration distro. Don't get me wrong, I just find it had understand why true online game players condone this, seeing in the long run it affect you, one way or an other, so where the sense in that?

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    chomps268 Guest
    You're right... But CFW or not, there will always be cheaters. I personally have had only one encounter with cheaters, and that was in MW2 like 3 weeks ago. That game seems overrun with cheaters now, and I dislike it just as much as you do. I have yet to see cheaters in Black Ops...

    But hackers are hackers, and SOMEONE makes said hacks. The people that have the ability to make those hacks would find a way to make/use them regardless if there's CFW or not. The same people who cheat now, would cheat even if CFW never happened.

    This is just my opinion though.

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    daveshooter Guest
    "But hackers are hackers, and SOMEONE makes said hacks". Agree which in turn makes script kiddy's.

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    I'll just leave this here

    1. (Using Simple DNS Plus 5.2)

    Set up dnsmasq to resolve your region's update server ( in my case) and to your computer. I just added them to my /etc/hosts and left the rest of the dnsmasq settings at default.

    2. (Using Charles Web Debugging Proxy)

    In Charles, set up reverse proxies for these two addresses on port 80 and 443 respectively. Also add to the list of Locations in the SSL tab of Proxy Settings so you can actually see the data you'll be changing.

    3. In Charles, under Tools > Map Local, map the /update/ps3/list/uk/ps3-updatelist.txt on your region's server to a local copy, for example the one attached to this post.

    4. (Using the AsbestOS installer on your PS3) enable R/W access to /dev/flash.

    5. Rename charles-proxy-ssl-proxying-certificate.crt to xx.cer (where xx is a certificate that already exists) then use your preferred method to replace the one in your flash.

    6. Set your PS3 DNS to the one you set up.

    7. In Charles, set a Breakpoint on all https:// POST Requests.

    8. Attempt to connect to PSN.

    9. When you see the request in Charles, edit any instance of 3.55 you see in the headers to 3.56 then click Execute.

    10. If it didn't work try again, eventually you should sign in. It only took me a couple of tries.

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    sorg Guest
    it works!

    i've used other DNS server (DualServer DHCP DNS). Actually, i've needed PSN just to re-download my DLCs.

    After that i've re-flashed kmeaw CFW through recovery menu to delete asbest patches and replaced certificate.

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    Cruzer1234 Guest
    Make a tut now. You'll be a hero.

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