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    I don't get it? Is this a retail console? It says he's online but how can he get online with a retail and have it hacked at the same time? It looks like a debug console, which I believe can get online anyway so what good is this to us with retail consoles?

    If its a dev/debug thing then nice, but if its for retail consoles then how?

    Edit: After reading the first few pages I like what I hear and it answers my questions.

    I like the way the devs are doing a great job and NOT saying anything about it. That way $ony doesn't know and cant block it. Also no morons keep asking "where is it, I want it now" which really gets annoying. Don't release it till its working and bug free. You don't want to be a game dev...

    Good to see you got PSN working. Still too much information and it will be a useless find if $ony find out how you did it.

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    Great news, when the cfw'll be ready i'll use it!

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    ahh... so that's a big deal i thing SONY needs some ice cool now and urgent.

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    but this is not only about signing up at PSN but also signing in, as I can see the friends options at the screenshots. Or am I wrong?!

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    when to public I am waiting. for test. -__-

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    No public release until it's complete. I won't answer any questions on PSN support because a lot of this stuff is secret until release, and even then we do not want things to get patched so I don't think we will release much info on how this was all done.

    I will say though this is not just some script kiddies dream of modding rco's and reg hacks and thinking things will work. We need to get our hands on a few TEST units to do some testing against and work out some stuff. Also with TEST units in hand we can do quite a few more things other then just rebug. But those are other projects and were keeping them hush hush from now on

    Once we have the site up and running fully we will post all of our payloads and source for all the psgroove/psgrade works we have done. I will also link to the ubuntu sdk along with a new unreleased PSL1GHT ubuntu sdk (yes it supports compiling all hex's) for those that want to stay on the legal side of things

    The site will be nothing more then a central hub for rebug and other projects we will be working on.


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    Congratulations, i can't even imagine how hard must be this project. We all will wait for the release day.

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    I would like to see how far this can advance now that we have team fail0verflow's exploit.

    At least being able to use newer firmware and play new games (ones I buy) would be great even if we don't have PSN. Currently until we find a way to play newer games I can't even play new ones that I buy. It's a bit sad because I'm highly anticipating the SOCOM 4 release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamefreak2010 View Post
    Super sweet Demo to retail would be tight also!
    demo to retail is old news mate

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    Major Rebug Updates!

    As promised here is another video of Rebug in action with major breakthroughs, our ongoing project to turn a Retail PS3 console into a full Debug / TEST unit.

    As I was uploading this video Cyberskunk had another major breakthrough so I will have a video of that up shortly if I'm not too drunk

    We were already able to get the decrypted dev_flash from newer firmware and that's how Cyberskunk got Quick Signup working.

    Then GeoHot comes out with a much easier way... but that keeps an exploit in our pocket for later use. I see some of you are already asking about re-enabling the usb exploit in 3.42+ firmwares, we have already thought of that but currently won't be working on that until Rebug is finished.

    Oh and Happy New Year

    Video: Codename: Rebug Part 2 - Major Rebug PS3 Updates!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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