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Thread: Video: Codename: Rebug - PS3 Retail to Debug WIP Project

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    blakbud Guest
    Hello to you,

    Do you think installing Rebug 341 BETA UPDATE PUP NO JB INSTALL TRUE.rar CECHC04 60GB PS3 is possible without problems?

    My dongle is a Psjailbreak original, can I still jailbreak my console?

    Thank you for your advice and answers.

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    brewman Guest
    thanks for the hex, bring on the signed loaders and psn access!

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    edawg Guest
    my ps3 was not in jailbreak mode when i did the flash. when ever try to flash back to 3.41 i get no applicable data found no matter what mode i am in. even in recovery mode. how do i fix this, should i update from the internet to 3.55 then downgrade back, or is there another way. right now i have no usb support. that is why i am leary of updated to 3.55. thanks for your time and help!

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    bitsbubba Guest
    if you update to 3.55 there is no way (publicly known) to downgrade from there.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Just tried installing from XMB - No applicable data

    Tried installing from recovery mode - got to 100% then gave an error (8002F2ED I think)

    Going to try installing from service mode

    I'm on 3.41 retail atm...

    Will post my results!

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    cianyika Guest
    I use with this metod : If have 3.41 and get no applicable data found , made downgrade lover version (i downgrade 3.15) and now make update use REBUG_341_BETA_UPDATE_PUP_NO_JB_INSTALL_TRUE in /PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

    Now working.

    ps. Not try use recovery menu because evritime get error 8002F2ED

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    edawg Guest
    well 3.15 did not work for me still get no applicable data found in both normal and recovery mode thinking of upgrading to 3.42 or 3.50 then downgrading from there. what do you think? i am still leary as i have usb to fall back on right now. thanks for your help though.

    ok, my ps3 reads the moded 3.41 but when i go to install it i get error code 8002f99d. if u go in to recover mode i get data corrupted error, how do i fix this? should i try to install the Lv2diag.self files? i trying not to brick or mess up my ps3. thanks for ur time and help.

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    evilsperm Guest
    Update Pack v2 just released.

    It has Geohot's tools to sign homebrew. Includes source and also compiled for linux.

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    evilsperm Guest
    Hello everyone

    Sorry we haven't posted in the last few days but we have been really busy working on the next release of Rebug. This next release will be Jailbreak Free so no more use for a dongle! Also in this release you will be able to install debug and retail pkg's! We are currently finalizing the peek/poke patching then we will release

    Our current guy with a NOR Flasher is MIA. If you have a NOR Flasher and would like to test this before public release, or if you want to take a risk and possibly BRICK before public release you can contact Cyberskunk or myself If you are going to be one of the risk takers please note that we have taken every precaution so the system will not brick, but sometimes it happens.

    We will only accept a few risk takers due to the nature of this release.


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    Apr 2005
    It's nice to hear that you guys are still plugging away on Rebug, and looking forward to the next update as well!

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