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    EiKii Guest
    nice work, PS3 scene is amazing, hopefully this is just the begining

    its fun to see how when someone posts progress and starting to draw near a "beta" there is someone else that has been working underground with same thing ^^ like this cfwprophet and hes team last day WIP release incoming soon, nothing bad about it tho, you get my point.

    imagine cfwprophet crew and these guys put their heads together imagine what could be achieved same with all the backup managers work together and make one "standard" awesome manager would be truly amazing hehe, don't see that happening but lets hope

    Keep it up.

  2. #12
    BwE Guest
    much respect, i personally know how much of a pain it is to customise the ps3 and keep it stable.

  3. #13
    cfwprophet Guest
    Ok sry to be the bad man but thats nothing. It's the same like ACID will be !!!

    No Debug Options in System Settings and no Debug Options for System Update. So it's a Debug Retail Hybrid like ACID is.

    Plz dont miss understand this is not a rant about his work. I just want to clarify that it is exactly the same what we do.

  4. #14
    DeViL303 Guest
    Yes, nice work guys and cool pic! but to me it seems to me to be a bit of a waste of time spending days working on a project thats already been underway for over a month, reminds me of the amount of different backup managers released.

    who needs more than one backup manager, if these devs got together and worked on one backup manager it would be a much more efficant use of their skills and time. Keep in mind we have managed to get the full debug firmware dumped already and are making nice progress with a release coming very soon.

  5. #15
    stabes Guest
    When in debug mode will your release allow PSN access? also sorry for asking this question but any idea at all on a release.. days... weeks... months etc?

  6. #16
    cfwprophet Guest
    Guys we can 100% say that this is just a copy of ACID CFW

    It is NOT a Debug FW running. And even if YOU CAN NOT RUN THE WHOLE FW.

    So NO Retail to Debug convertion !!

    And to time we can't access the psn store and most likely never will be able to do so.

    Beside that a Full Retail to Debug FW would also mean to change lv2 to lv2 debug.And i dont mean the sprx

  7. #17
    evilsperm Guest
    You must feel like you are getting attacked some how so time to shrink your epeen a little.

    Funny thing is we can prove this was done LONG before ACID came along Cyberskunk choose not to make it public. Also to quote its a copy of ACID! please don't make me laugh... In order to make a copy we would have needed your original! So in turn is ACID a clone of Rebug? Just because YOU cant access PSN doesn't mean we cant

    Few things about ACID:
    I didn't know you are able to download game updates I clearly don't see you updating one?
    Have you got quick signup working yet? (I'll answer this one for you NO!
    If you did you would have PSN access already)
    Did you access Whats New? (I didn't see that either)
    Have you been using debug sprx or retail?
    Does your homebrew actually work I don't see you running any?
    Do your backups actually run or do they just black screen?

    I actually don't really care about the above questions that's just me antagonizing you

    This isn't a race for us we will only release what has been tested and known to work if we chose to release this at all, and I'd hate to break it to you but without a full dev_flash from debug your not gonna make it any farther. So on that note I have to start decrypting the update to get what I need. So good luck to you.

    Next time instead of trying to flame you should ask for help if your stuck or even see what the differences are between Rebug and ACID. I don't see anyone whining about what payload came first do you?

  8. #18
    doolaik Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Guys we can 100% say that this is just a copy of ACID CFW
    we appreciate the work you and the team has put into acid, but i see no reason for you to come in and say that your cfw is better than his or otherwise. you don't see cyberskunk going around saying how your cfw is this or that, so why must you and devil feel the need to come into his thread and rain all over his parade?

    a little oneupmanship never hurts the scene; it'll only make it better for both of you guys to have a bit of competition. in fact, it provides people with options in what they decide to use and ultimately, the numbers will decide which is better or more suited to their needs.

    i, along with many others, eagerly await acid, as well as rebug, so i guess its just a matter of who releases theirs first.

  9. #19
    flashpc Guest
    I agree with doolaik, what is the problem having an alternative, cfwprophet and devil can't honestly say that both projects are going to be the same, there will be similarities, but evilsperm should have the right to put his 2 cents into the mix as well, when both projects are finally released then we can make a full comparison, and maybe evilsperm is going about it a different way compared with cfwprophet.

  10. #20
    DeViL303 Guest
    We are not saying Acid CFW is better than Rebug, its just the same. I am not raining on anyones parade. Like I said nice work and cool pic (cool name too). I just think of all the time we all have put into both projects and i think: What is point in us all spending hours and hours modding exact same files , it just seems like a waste of energy in my opinion, we even asked evilsperm to join our team before Rebug was announced as we could all work together.

    But do not think we are bashing them. I have utmost respect for Evilsperm and Cyberskunk and always will do, it was just a logical observation about time and energy, Im sorry, did not mean any offense.

    I'm sure both projects can turn into something great.

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