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  1. #181
    Link14 Guest
    Is there any debug functions that are currently not available ?

  2. #182
    d3adliner Guest
    With all of the latest breakthroughs, and if this can be installed on 3.41 directly from the XMB with no need for JB... what's preventing a 3.55 version? If we have the necessary keys, can sign anything, pack/unpack fw, etc... why is everyone still stuck on 3.41?

  3. #183
    tilla Guest
    Does the backup manager work for non-jailbreak installs? If so then.. wow that's Obsolete Jailbreak right there for me :3

  4. #184
    evilak Guest
    Nobody has yet the guts to change CORE_OS so I don't think you will see a jailbroken CFW in a long time. these recent stuff are just dev_flash modifications.

  5. #185
    parthajuz Guest


    yeah... great job guys!!

  6. #186
    harveychan Guest
    so this update will let me keep all my saves

  7. #187
    etnies93 Guest
    do i have PSN with this?

  8. #188
    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by etnies93 View Post
    do i have PSN with this?
    no same as first release, PSN PSN PSN is that all anyone cares about, I've had my PS3 for 4 years and have yet to play a game online.

  9. #189
    etnies93 Guest
    i care because PSN makes the PS3 complete i want to enjoy MP and i don't have money to buy games monthly that's why i have jailbreaked.

  10. #190
    caleb4god Guest
    when i try to update my slim 3.41 with the .pup in this thread i get no applicable update data error from the ps3. i've got it in the PS3/UPDATE/.PUP format.. anyone have the same problem?

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