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    TUHTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    cyberskunk is signing Rebug files now then on to testing and a release
    Great,will take a look, Nice news and great Job!

    Interesting, AWESOME stuff releases "SPECIALLY" before Sony releases a great Firmware update that closes everything, basically we are preparing for 3.60...

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    ionbladez Guest
    Rofl at their fw updates. Since we have the keys, or better yet, lv1/lv2 access, it would be a cinch and a half to just decrypt the PUP, modify + repack. They can't change the keys for ones that are already updated to 3.55, otherwise no PS3 would be able to unpack the update.

    And I doubt they would release NEW ps3 models just to have updated keys for updating firmware.

    I've been laughing all week about them getting it big in the "you know what"

    I might actually take up some C++ and make some apps myself. and yes I know C++ isn't my strong suit.

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    tonyqc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    cyberskunk is signing Rebug files now then on to testing and a release
    I was one of the first, maybe the first , to test rebug beta when its was public. Can I have the behind the door pup of the 3.55 with debug/psn/BM in. If any exist.

    PM if you want (probably never happen) just a question, nothing to lose to just ask.

  4. #174
    evilsperm Guest
    I was running into issues signing things last night in the VM, it was taking 8-10+ mins. to sign anything. This is the fix that was twitted (it has to do with the way virtualbox captures the mouse).

    KaKaRoToKS if using evilsperms vm so if anyone has it disable mouse integration at the bottom left and move mouse in vm window for entropy

    diogomontenegro move your mouse to create entropy (generates random data for the signature)

    Just to clarify that in english for you guys lol this is what it means. on the VM push the right CTRL + i

    The mouse will capture into the VM then when your signing your file shake the mouse around for a few seconds (or longer if you want) and then it will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 min. to sign a file.

  5. #175
    tonyqc Guest

    Big Grin

    Evilsperm do you will condane piracy with your Rebug? like KaKaRoToKS did with is "CFW" !? next release will be an 3.41 or a 3.55 debug? I know this is probably the "baby" of cybershunk... so...

    sorry for all the questions and my bad english. If you do not like all the questions I ask lets me know, I'll stop

  6. #176
    leeming101 Guest
    I wonder is there is a way to enable music as a soundtrack for all games, like on the xbox 360? It only works for a select few games at the moment, i think because microsoft have some kind of patent or copyright in place.. Or maybe it's something that can be edited in the Param.sfo? Anyone have any ideas? It'd be a nice little feature!

  7. #177
    tonyqc Guest
    rebug v1.01 released

    did rebug 1.0 to rebug 1.0.1 and the screen was blinking (white, normal,white, normal,.....) when I installed but all go ok after the auto system restart and I see no difference between 1.0 and 1.01

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Post Rebug 3.41E Beta v1.0.1

    Following in the same direction as KaKaRoToKS PS3 Custom Firmware now utilizing PlayStation 3 PUP files, today Cyberskunk has updated PS3 Rebug Retail to Debug Firmware to 3.41E Beta v1.0.1.

    From the official Rebug Site, to quote:

    Rebug 3.41 1.0.1 Beta signed PUP is here..

    INSTALL through XMB no jailbreak needed

    UNINSTALL through XMB with Retail 3.41 update file

    KNOWN BUG: When exiting from a BD/DVD or GAME when NOT in JB mode the PS3 will restart..

    This only occurs when the PS3 is NOT jailbroken and NO data is lost when it happens.. I am trying to fix the issue now but thought that since it is a beta people that haven’t can at least preview Rebug and if the bug is too annoying simply update back to retail without losing any saves, game data, etc..

    Enjoy.. Cyberskunk

    NOTE: It is recommended that users of the previous Rebug pack install DO NOT update with this as it will install the the annoying exit bug mentioned above.. If you have installed it and would like to return back to the pack install you will have to run the Retail 3.41 update first.. No data will be lost doing this..

    Links to download Rebug 3.41E Beta v1.0.1:

    RAR MD5: C148EF25C66A8005887D940BD69D9F09
    PUP MD5: D8332B0CDE2C6553B316E7781513B56E

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  9. #179
    harveychan Guest
    installing this will surely erase all my games and game save?

  10. #180
    tonyqc Guest
    no, it will keep all your files.

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