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  1. #131
    Cyberskunk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    I tried it from USB and it locks up. I got into XMB and can see the new red PSN icon but it locks up before any words come up.

    I wont install it as its not anymore useful to me than the normal jailbreak. If it had full PSN access or no dongle jb then I'd give it a go.
    I guess $ony will now get it and block it before you release the full thing.
    That would be because it wont run from USB at all.. Was never intended to.. So there is nothing wrong with Rebug.. It is doing exactly what it should do when run from USB.. It will lock up RSOD.. Rebug is made as a replacement FW.

    Also how can they can't block it (Rebug) specificaly if it (PSN trick) isn't there.. That is why I didn't include the PSN access.. It isn't ready yet..

  2. #132
    Firmware150 Guest
    Full debug features? Does it run PS1/PS2 backups patched with the Master Disc tool

  3. #133
    mjgdroid Guest
    Be careful using the REBUG! I have used this even only one a usb, and it some how turned my PS3 into a different TIME ZONE or REGION. I had all this Turkish stuff coming up. I had to use the Jig just to turn into safe mode and then use downgrade. I am lucky I have a phat ps3 60 GB or I woulda lost my setup.

  4. #134
    Cyberskunk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Firmware150 View Post
    Full debug features? Does it run PS1/PS2 backups patched with the Master Disc tool
    This is a Beta.. It doesn't have full debug features yet.. That is the goal of the project..

    As of the moment going by the recent testing it doesn't run PS1/PS2 backups..

    The only way this will brick your console is if the end user does something stupid while installing.. Rebug once installed is stable..

    And worse case.. Service mode.. I have deleted my whole dev_flash before and rebooted just to see what would happen.. Used Service Mode and it was all fixed.. So it is pretty safe..

  5. #135
    Tails Guest

    Just asking... I normally use psfreedom to jailbreak with hermes payload... can I use this to install and run the Rebug? Or do I hvae to use psgroove?


  6. #136
    Seraphic Guest
    Will this project be ported to 3.15 firmware? Also, is debug setting for HDCP On/Off working in the current state of the project? And last, is the usbjailbreak stick supported with Rebug?


  7. #137
    thehaksharif Guest
    I have actually re-enabled Quick Signup you know. I can post a video showing that i have enabled it however i won't be revealing how i did it because like evilsperm said, he dosen't want this to get patched when 10000 people create accounts on it.

  8. #138
    flashpc Guest
    Reading the whole post, it says that you require your usual payload to jailbreak your PS3 to install REBUG but after that, you require an altered payload to jailbreak the new 3.41E firmware, can anyone tell me whether there is a PS3Break v1.2 payload for this?

    Evilsperm & Cyberskunk keep up the good work, I look forward to PSN access once you have perfected it

  9. #139
    Briks49 Guest

    Exclamation need fast help!

    Hey guys,

    IŽve tested this and all worked fine.

    Then IŽve pre-instelled official FW 3.41 and now any payload with my AT90USB Key doesnŽt work... I donŽt come in jailbreak mode!!!

    Greedings from Germany

  10. #140
    Briks49 Guest
    I used many payloads...normal once and this 4 Rebug, no one worked

    So my console is trashed?!

    What about downgrade?! Can I do a downgrade with an AT90USB KEY? Then IŽll try to update to 3.50 and then back to 3.41 maybe?

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