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    RagnarokRO Guest


    hi, i saw in the video there was no beep "beep beep" sound when he pressed power eject. i am wondering is there anyway to suppress this sound?

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    scottydog Guest
    if we have access to all cores would someone have to figure how how it all works and the specially complicated job of writing drivers for the new unlocked hardware.

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    pip1 Guest

    Linux on ps3 is like having a 4-banger muscle car

    I'll ask it again, whats the point of linux on ps3, we still do not have nor will we ever have a 3d enabled rsx driver. If it is easy to write gpu drivers then why is nouvaeu rough and incomplete?

    For the spu argument, you have very little memory to work with, and you have to break down everything into little processes. You also have slower access to half your memory now because your trying to use the cpu to do gpu work and the ps3 has rediculously slow bandwith from cell to half your memory.

    Yes this is more useful than a xbmc like program in the sence that it can lead into more gameos hacks and possibly cfw but for the average user that wants linux buy a pc for those that want useful ps3 programs wait for them to come to game os and use a xbox1 for now.

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    tragedy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pip1 View Post
    I'll ask it again, whats the point of linux on ps3
    If you don't see the point, don't use it. Nobody's forcing you to use it. But there's no point trolling those that do want to use linux on the ps3.

    Reasons include: learning to program a fun architecture; there are various small university groups using linux on ps3 for computational intensive tasks; transcoding video files; raytracing; using the PS3 as a cheap web browser / ssh client; etc. You might not want to do any of these things, in which case a normal PC is perfect for you.

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    roragnarok Guest
    I'm trying to boot Asbestos using rockbox without success and I can't see any debug messages.

    But I do not see the ps3's dhcp client request. Does this mean it did not pass stage1?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Here is an update for anyone following from remainnameless (psx-scene.com/forums/570090-post1.html) via Hermes ELO post: elotrolado.net/hilo_desarrollo-psgroove-payload-custom-v4b_1490355_s1010#p1722262898
    Here I let the AsbestOS loader:

    Version homebrew worked under psl1ght already compiled:


    version not psl1ght:


    In order to compile asbestos.bin (that is included) it is needed compilers PS3, such as those that or ifcaro has precompiled (that is what I have used I) or those that generates ps3toolchain.

    to asbestos_loader, is an application prototype that must be compiled and so you already know: you can use basic the sources of open to manager, you clear all the PPU_SRCS less main.cpp and you add syscall8.c, you put of TARGET asbestOS.elf, you clear all the PPU_LDLIBS and you leave emptinesses VPSHADER_SRCS and FPSHADER_SRCS.

    The EBOOT.BIN that is generated next to the sources, can be sent from app_home when igniting the console, if in pendrive you add a folder in root “PS3_GAME”, inside you put the ICON0.PNG and valid PARAM.SFO (that you can adapt so that puts asbestOS and those things), you create a folder “USRDIR” and inside you put the EBOOT.BIN.

    Also it can become of the following way: you create the folder inside “homebrew” in root of pendrive and another one of name “AsbestOS”, where you copy the EBOOT.BIN and the ICON0.PNG

    In root of pendrive it is needed asbestos.bin (that are in the folder “asbestos_bin” of rar) and dtbImage-20101020.bin, kernel of Linux that you can unload here of http://marcansoft.com/transf/dtbImage-20101020.bin

    With that you would have to see the pinguinos and all that: it is not possible to be gone beyond unless you can form servant TFTP, etc, but as concept sample, is worth.

    The shipper uses the generic route “/dev_usb” reason why he does not agree that there are other devices FAT connected to the console.

    PS: Please, that the people who do not know of these things, abstain to take part: Linux in PS3 at the moment, is but a curiosity that another thing, because it is in diapers. This that I put here is not but that a curiosity for some and others, perhaps it is a route easy of work to develop kernel in a device that in principle, is not preparation for it.

    To make this work, you need these 2 files:

    Payload_4_apps- http://mods.elotrolado.net/~hermes/p...ad_v4_apps.rar
    DTB Image- http://marcansoft.com/transf/dtbImage-20101020.bin

    After you have extracted DTB Image, copy the kernel (dtbImage-20101020.bin) to the root of your flash drive.

    Then extract Payload_4_Apps. Create a folder called "HOMEBREW" on the root of the flash drive, and a folder called "ASBESTOS" inside of it. Then copy "EBOOT.bin" and "ICON0.PNG" from "payload_4_apps > homebrew > AsbestOS" to the "HOMEBREW > ASBESTOS " folder on your flash drive.

    Load up Hermes' payload and run Open Manager. Go to the Homebrew launcher (Press START) and launch AsbestOS.

    There you go. It's not much right now, but if you set up a TFTP server you can run a lot of Terminal commands.

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