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    zeromx Guest

    Video: AsbestOS: Linux on PS3 3.41 without OtherOS via GameOS

    A few weeks back PlayStation 3 developer Marcan named his PS3 Linux Bootloader on Firmware 3.41 AsbestOS, and today he has shared a video of it in action below along with the following details, to quote:

    Download: AsbestOS Source Code / AsbestOS ReadMe / Kernel Patch / Stage 1 Binary / Stage 2 Binary

    "As most of you will probably already know, I've been working on a project recently which aims to run Linux on the PS3 using the PSJailbreak exploit, effectively replacing GameOS on the fly.

    I think it's gotten to the point where it's useful enough for other people to be interested, so here's something resembling an official announcement.

    AsbestOS (a mineral, and meaning "inextinguishable" in Greek) is a bootloader to run PS3 Linux without OtherOS. It runs using the USB GameOS exploit (on PS3 version 3.41) from any compatible device, and any reprogrammable devices currently running the PS3 exploit can be used as long as they have enough free internal or external storage (40kB or so) to hold the loader. It is general enough that it should be useful to boot Linux given any other GameOS exploit in the future.

    Currently, it only supports netbooting a kernel and no initrd (mostly due to bootmem limitations). This is enough to run a Linux system booting from an NFS share or from USB storage media. Almost everything that works under OtherOS is working.

    As additional perks of running as GameOS, you also get access to a seventh SPE (needs a kernel patch to enable) and there is clearly full access to the RSX including 3D support, although we still need to learn a few details about how that works to be able to use it.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    AsbestOS is a fully independent open source payload and does not contain any code from the original PSJailbreak payload or derivatives. It is licensed under the GPLv2. Compiling it does not require any SDK tools, and it includes a script to build a fully vanilla GNU toolchain for the PS3.

    If you're interested, check out the git repository. The README file contains information on how to run AsbestOS and how to set up kernels. Currently, ports exist for software USB AVRs (Arduino etc.), iPods, and the reference implementation for devices with a TI OMAP3, but anything currently running PSGroove or similar can be adapted with only a few lines of new code.

    For the impatient or lazy folks, here's a kernel that you can use Update: and a stage1 binary and a stage2 binary.

    You'll probably want to change the kernel commandline options to set up your NFS root partition. This will eventually be handled by AsbestOS, but for now, open it up in a hex editor, search for HEXEDIT_THIS, and change the commandline to suit your needs (without changing the total length, of course). Do note that this kernel does not have built-in USB support, so it can only be used for NFS booting (the USB stuff is built as a module).

    You can use this filesystem as a starting point. It's a Gentoo stage3 updated to date and with PS3-specific tools installed. Keep in mind that there's no Portage tree included, so be sure to either emerge --sync or NFS mount your server's Portage tree (which is what I do).

    At the very minimum, you'll want to edit the following files to configure your NFS and networking settings (or to specify USB device partitions, if you want to go that route - but you need to compile your own kernel then): /etc/fstab, /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, and quite likely a few others. This filesystem includes kernel modules for the above kernel. The root password is 'ps3?."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks to everyone who submitted this and +Rep to zeromx. I will be attaching the required files to the first post shortly as well.

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    shummyr Guest
    This is great, I looked forward to all the possibilties and advancements this will bring, and some of the creative outcomes this will offer as far as access to the hardware...


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    ramx2 Guest
    Great work so far!! I hope we see soon the best of ASBESTOS.

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    beary2006 Guest
    Not trying to be rude, but this just like every other app that has come out recently.. who really cares? why run linux on your ps3 if you have a computer. Now i'm no coder but someone put out something useful, please not like an open manager redone a thousand times either.

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    buberlo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by beary2006 View Post
    Not trying to be rude, but this just like every other app that has come out recently.. who really cares? why run linux on your ps3 if you have a computer. Now i'm no coder but someone put out something useful, please not like an open manager redone a thousand times either.
    dude, you have no idea what you're talking about...

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    bitsbubba Guest
    so is someone in the process of compiling this for use, I would but I have no idea.

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    elidoe89 Guest
    what model of acer is the notebook?

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    dawes Guest
    Teensy has memory expansion.. You can get a $8 SD card adapter for the Teensy (pjrc.com/store/sd_adaptor.html).

    I ordered one with the plan that maybe someone will find a way of storing a hack to completely eliminate the BD drive but it may require to copy an entire game onto local (to the USB dongle) memory. Also there maybe the possibility of the PS3 Freedom device acting as a Internal hard drive via a hack.

    For $8, it may be possible to also act as a normal USB drive. So, worth a gamble for future proofing.

    "I really hope a 32kb payload arrives for this one day."

    The SD card adapter is in stock and I expect someone will modify the payload to use the SD memory.

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    Zerotacg Guest
    yey quite nice, +rep.. just a quick question, does it only work as payload or would it be possible as app that one could start from gameOS?

    I'd love the idea to start linux from gameOS just like an app so that one would not need to switch the PL or usbdevices still pretty nice work

    didn't got my hands on one yet anyway since they are kind of soldout recently

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