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Thread: Video: Aria Persian Manager Runs PS3, PS2, PSP & PS1 Backups?

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    Video: Aria Persian Manager Runs PS3, PS2, PSP & PS1 Backups?

    Today Nicolas on an Iranian forum has posted a video of an Aria Persian Manager that is rumored to run PS3, PS2, PSP and PS1 game backups.

    Download: Aria Persian Manager (PKG) / Aria Persian Manager (Combo Pack) (multiMAN Reskin only!)

    To quote, roughly translated:

    Note The Following Points:

    1 – open thread to talk with the manufacturer has done.
    2 – Builder Program has announced the release of the Persian date Bahman 20.
    3 – the manufacturer has announced plans to acquire program code lv0 firmware 3.73 on a 3.73 port.
    4 – Delay in the manufacturer’s published work on the program locks the program to prevent stolen Source and has compatibility with 3.73.
    5 – sponsored program is a mining company.
    6 – AS-Team The team is involved in making this program.
    7 – the manufacturer has announced games for the PS2, PS1 and PSP GAMES folder in the Folders within Hard External there will be the following:
    • z_game ps1
    • z_game ps2
    • z_game psp

    8 – The alias is Badboy_hacked constructive programs that other people besides her in this project are at work. Yahoo ID maker: m_badboy_hacked at

    Current Facilities:
    • The PS1 games
    • The PS2 Games
    • The PSP games
    • The Sega game. Micro... Nintendo Without installing any accessories
    • A browser and update opera as-team ps3
    • The ISO feature blu-ray movies
    • Visiting the site with a browser capable of Persian opera as-team ps3
    • Run the game directly without reset
    • Possible to run games from the original DVD directly without having to drive
    • Rjyn can easily change the console (this feature only for the crystalline film is used)
    • Different appearance (along with the music theme)
    • RAR and ZIP file and run it...
    • A disk image of any kind and any information
    • Full support for search in the Persian
    • Ability to change font and font color changes on SHOW TIME
    • X-PLORE multimedia applications and features high
    • NIMBUZZ and chat programs on the environment (F A Q B and K, and Yahoo)
    • To read PDF files

    Q&A for Aria Persian Manager:

    (Q)When did you start this program?
    (A) Shhrvyr month after 90 years

    (Q)What they decide to make a program like?
    (A) Because the products from Sony

    (Q) How many people are productive members of this program?
    (A) 3 members named Badboy_hacked – Azad_7227 – Broken_PS3 the course SASAN AS Team Manager to help us.

    (Q) Who was the original idea of ​​this program?
    (A) The idea of making my own. Azad_7227 I did see more programming.

    (Q) SASAN role in making this program was what?
    (A) Fixing a few programs and support Persian font on the PS3

    (Q) It is true that you were in Tymshvn SASAN source programs?
    (A) I somewhat

    (Q) How to build a program you like? Cobra Construction Manager role is in the dongle?
    (A) To run PS2 games got a little help from the Cobra dongle.

    (Q) But how? Payload dongle that Cobra has been released!
    (A) Payload Cobra dongle did not work. With a simple search based on the Cobra we dongle.

    (Q) Few percent of the construction program is completed?
    (A) 98%

    (Q) The remaining 2 percent of what it is?
    (A) Port the firmware to 3.73 and sponsors

    (Q) What was not reported in Persian date Azar 10 due date?
    (A) More compatible with firmware 3.73 and the discussion of other security programs

    (Q) This decision should be taken in the Persian date Azar 10 days?
    (A) Wanted to sponsor the program is complete. In those days the issue was being hacked firmware 3.73 by Kakarvtv. They wanted to be released CFW 3.73 times that no manager was still able to run on CFW 3.73 Aria Persian Manager easily and with special ability to be run.

    (Q) The firmware hack discussion these days is the fourth time by Kakaroto. I still see a delay in the publication of the program will support four of the firmware?
    (A) Aytvry decided that after being hacked firmware CFW 4 and out for an update will be released that can be run on CFW 4.

    (Q) 3.73 and 3.55 will be released in two versions of the program?
    (A) No – the program will be published in a decision that we update every 3 months and plan to add more features and newer.

    (Q) Why not try the earlier version for 3.55? That CFW 3.73 has been released yet!
    (A) Sponsor the team plans to release both versions simultaneously.

    (Q) Sponsor: You say that because I did from the Sony case, the sponsor of the Post, they become aware of how to build a program you like?
    (A) We had originally intended to build it for ourselves. But after a while began to Tblyat and programming a gallery. We went there and we discussed this idea and they immediately agreed.

    (Q) I called your sponsor?
    (A) Gol Gohar Iron Ore Company

    (Q) Program in terms of how security has features Aria Persian Manager in the future you will see Multiman?
    (A) Security program is very high. Unlikely to happen like I’m

    (Q) You Msltyd Photoshop?
    (A) To some extent – more efficient graphics with the AS Team.

    (Q) Since being published in a number of photos I had to work with images created in Photoshop and I understand that because I was crushed. How do you respond to these people?
    (A) This photo was taken by friends and with digital cameras. It was heavy Hjmshvn were Resize with Photoshop. Other graphics Aria Persian Manager with the AS Team

    (Q) AS Team or SASAN? SASAN unless someone other than the person you were a member of the AS Team work with you?
    (A) Yes – the moderator of the site including the Mehdi AS Team and the person BIJAN EBL

    (Q) Who’s video was produced?
    (A) Broken_PS3

    (Q) Why poor quality was good because it shows the image quality of the PS3 not Compatability for PS2 (compatible with PS2) could not be?
    (A) No – do not these Mvsv. It is in a room that was dark and the camera quality is low. We’re making a quality video to all the rumors that it eliminate Being Fake.

    [imglink=|Video: Aria Persian Manager Runs PS3, PS2, PSP & PS1 Backups?][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Aria Persian Manager Runs PS3, PS2, PSP & PS1 Backups?][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Aria Persian Manager Runs PS3, PS2, PSP & PS1 Backups?][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Takavach Guest
    this is a fake news in many sites in iran we saw it and if you see the video you can see his ps3 have spoofed to 3.72 and isn't 3.73 and he don't know anything about blacklist keys and he don't know anything about ps3 firmware (even kakaroto can't run program for his hack ).

    thanks boss and happy christmas

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    miandad Guest
    wait and see ... maybe its true!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    If im not wrong then Takavach is from that country or even understand what is written there. So i would give more on his words then waiting for this to be released.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This "Aria Persian Manager" is just MultiMAN re-skinned. It's fake, it's just some very bored person who has nothing better to do than cause hype in the PS3 scene. I maybe be wrong, but I'm not changing my mind until something is actually released.

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    master32820 Guest
    no way man i'm from iran if this was true we would have heard of it... then again, wait and see

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    Takavach Guest
    this link is for his program , this site is biggest site for games in iran and if you translate last post and saw the topic you can read it moderator said please don't write name of our site about this program in world news and his locking the topic.

    everyone knows about that in iran:

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    miandad Guest
    i'm from iran too .. i see video and ask some of them & its fake... they using modded multiman and spoof 3.72 version..

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    Nicolas17 Guest
    Hi guys, i am Nicolas.

    This manager is not fake. we will release a video that playnig new PS3 game. Playing new PS3 Game was secret, but we will release a new video.

    W8 for New Video
    W8 Guys

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Videos will always be speculated whether it's fake or not, If you do happen to show a video of it playing a game that hasn't been fixed (even on the Dongle) that would be great though.

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