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Thread: Video: Aria Persian Manager Runs PS3, PS2, PSP & PS1 Backups?

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    1Panic Guest
    What you just said was aiming towards a cfw... lol and its just a manager. A overly hyped manger promising dozens of impossible features but nonetheless a manger.

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    elser1 Guest
    go play with your crappy xbox then...

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    jesterking1 Guest
    Man I wish this was real... ps1 and PSP games on the PS3 would be epic!

    Also, I never knew there were so many Iranians on this site.

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    Takavach Guest
    ok i will update this myself and then explain it a little. i saw this now in his forums and you can see it too for understand this better. i don't know why you do that for us but it's better you know that , many people is here and working on ps3 day and night... we said to you, you must play a game hasn't fix until now and you said to us you make an manager with modify multiman and it can play new ps3 games with +3.60 key but we saw you play a wwe 2012.

    i saw in last minutes of video at left corner of video write demo, i hope it's not mean demo version and why you don't press start bottom ? all of us knows in demo version many features are off we must see it.. from xmb without your manager then we asking you this:

    you make a manager ? or make a cfw ? or you have new keys ? do you know why kakaroto cant run any program on 3.73 ? (explain it)


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    Prince Valiant Guest
    I very much doubt this will deliver. I would say it's just, improbable, rather than impossible.

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    jesterking1 Guest
    yeah, you're going to have to explain that a little bit! lol

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    IHM Guest


    LOL, i have a ps3 and several 360`s, and i am personally just fed up of hype after hype that leads to nothing, while i have an xbox that plays every game i throw at it, and personally i prefer it anyway, better graphics. I'm not a PS3 hater or i would not have one would i, just never took to it.

    No need to get shirty cus you don't like that i don't like it, but every month there is SOMTHING, that leads to NOTHING, its getting kinda boring... I kinda think this thing will only be blown wide open when the PS4 comes out and nobody has any interest in it anymore.

    No good. I'm not picking on anybody though so chill.

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    ChaoticTissue Guest
    Curious what's up with the PS3 being covered in plastic in the video... Also curious why this video shows us nothing we haven't already seen... I didn't see any PS2 or PSP backups running.

    And, if it really is as epic as suggested, where's the upload? lol feed the hungry masses, y'all! (I'm down for some guineapigging...)

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    Takavach Guest
    attention everyone , one of iranian guy found his trick and if you see video in 2:36 the video is cut and after that game is running on xbox360 you can see this video for understand better:

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    cfwprophet Guest
    -rep for you. And to all others mate's we have a rep system if you disapprove just give him -rep

    And you are a fanboy. I've played FFXIII on X360 and PS3 and if you want to tell me that it hase same GFX then you're simply BLIND. Also why do you guess there was no MGS4 on x360 ? Not only in case of it would need 6 360 game disks also in case of Hideo hase made MGS4 for 2 double layer BD's meaning 100gb and orig one has look 4 times better then now. On the x360 it would again look less then on the ps3 and that isn't exactable for him.

    Back to topic... One single thing to proof just boot the game which is a 3.6+ one with your Manager and go online on PSN. If it is a spoof you can't go online fair enough ?

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