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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Current Facilities:
    • The PS1 games
    • The PS2 Games
    • The PSP games
    • The Sega game. Micro... Nintendo Without installing any accessories
    • A browser and update opera as-team ps3
    • The ISO feature blu-ray movies
    • Visiting the site with a browser capable of Persian opera as-team ps3
    • Run the game directly without reset
    • Possible to run games from the original DVD directly without having to drive
    • Rjyn can easily change the console (this feature only for the crystalline film is used)
    • Different appearance (along with the music theme)
    • RAR and ZIP file and run it...
    • A disk image of any kind and any information
    • Full support for search in the Persian
    • Ability to change font and font color changes on SHOW TIME
    • X-PLORE multimedia applications and features high
    • NIMBUZZ and chat programs on the environment (F A Q B and K, and Yahoo)
    • To read PDF files
    This (quoted above), was already written in that forum on 25-12-2011, at 01.37 AM.

    Well, and a mining concern named "Gol Gohar Iron Ore Company" (which really exist) supports that project ? That sounds more than suspicious to me. So as Chief always said, Time will tell, let's wait what's coming.

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    Takavach Guest
    You must use a game that hasn't been fixed until now and use a ps3 without any usb flash or dongle and make a real video of it , if you do that we accept this manager. (before that delete the name of multiman )

    showing a video of running new ps3 game is not secret you can saw many video of it in net.

  3. #13
    Nicolas17 Guest


    Of course we will release a new video that play WWE 2012 without any dongle.

  4. #14
    flysociety666 Guest
    This just screams fake, but then again, look how we treated the dongle. but then again, lol, this.

  5. #15
    landon Guest
    It's a fake, don't believe this...

  6. #16
    aliko100 Guest
    its fake man

  7. #17
    paup2010 Guest
    jaja this is like demonhades and his famous exploit that never went out and all of his poor half-page suck his d111ck for something that never goes out. regards

  8. #18
    B4rtj4h Guest
    This is real. Because we can access all the features. It can be fake. But we will find out soon enough when someone has the balls to install it.

  9. #19
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    How disappointing, I click the link to see over 9000 posts yelling it's fake. Oh well, one can dream.

  10. #20
    IHM Guest
    God how lame the PS3, even their forums lame, lol back to my 360 bye!

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