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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Current Facilities:
    • The PS1 games
    • The PS2 Games
    • The PSP games
    • The Sega game. Micro... Nintendo Without installing any accessories
    • A browser and update opera as-team ps3
    • The ISO feature blu-ray movies
    • Visiting the site with a browser capable of Persian opera as-team ps3
    • Run the game directly without reset
    • Possible to run games from the original DVD directly without having to drive
    • Rjyn can easily change the console (this feature only for the crystalline film is used)
    • Different appearance (along with the music theme)
    • RAR and ZIP file and run it...
    • A disk image of any kind and any information
    • Full support for search in the Persian
    • Ability to change font and font color changes on SHOW TIME
    • X-PLORE multimedia applications and features high
    • NIMBUZZ and chat programs on the environment (F A Q B and K, and Yahoo)
    • To read PDF files
    This (quoted above), was already written in that forum on 25-12-2011, at 01.37 AM.

    Well, and a mining concern named "Gol Gohar Iron Ore Company" (which really exist) supports that project ? That sounds more than suspicious to me. So as Chief always said, Time will tell, let's wait what's coming.

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    You must use a game that hasn't been fixed until now and use a ps3 without any usb flash or dongle and make a real video of it , if you do that we accept this manager. (before that delete the name of multiman )

    showing a video of running new ps3 game is not secret you can saw many video of it in net.

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    Of course we will release a new video that play WWE 2012 without any dongle.

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    This just screams fake, but then again, look how we treated the dongle. but then again, lol, this.

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    It's a fake, don't believe this...

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    its fake man

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    jaja this is like demonhades and his famous exploit that never went out and all of his poor half-page suck his d111ck for something that never goes out. regards

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    This is real. Because we can access all the features. It can be fake. But we will find out soon enough when someone has the balls to install it.

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    How disappointing, I click the link to see over 9000 posts yelling it's fake. Oh well, one can dream.

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    God how lame the PS3, even their forums lame, lol back to my 360 bye!
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