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    joffe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    Yeah seems to be some xss injection:
    Yep, this is the overlay to be shown: http://pastehtml.com/view/1dytq7v.html

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    shummyr Guest
    this is just funny and hiliarous..

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    nafeasonto Guest
    Isn't what these hackers are doing a little counter-productive? This is just going to piss off Sony more. There is a difference to trying to make a point, and then attacking something. Doing these kind of tactics especially imperialism, or attacking your opponent doesn't end well, for both sides.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    This is like hijacking planes and sending them straight into two large buildings with no care in the world about the colateral damage. then hiding away so no one can find you and then claim it is for a cause ... o wait ... this sounds like terrorism ... An then people wonder why the world is in chaos (Zimbabwe and Libia are two good examples).

    I feel for George and more so for Graf_Chokolo in the situation they are in, but surely this is not the way to go. If you feel so strongly about defending these guys being sued and about an operating system being taken away (which by the way you can get back on your system) and whatever other reason you can think of, the get of your rear and support them in the courts!

    Have you ever considered that if those being sued lose their case, that $ony will come after you? And I would be amazed that this kind of unthoughtful action would stop $ony in any way (Agreed - it would be hilarious if it does stop $ony).

    They have big guns and lots of bullets and in war it always happen that the guy with the most bullets win!

    What you are doing is preventing hundreds of thousands of people of they joy of playing online. They did nothing against you - why are they being punished. (And I am not really an online gamer so this affects me very little). If you want to wage your war on $ony, do so in a respectable manner whereby consumers don't get affected. If you are as clever as you say, then surely you are clever enough to rather hit them in a way that will not inconvenience others who has done nothing against you.

    Have you ever thought of rather doing something that takes away from $ony and gives to all the online users? I dunno ... perhaps automatically sending them a premium theme next time they log on ... or something like that?

    C'mon guys - there are better ways!!

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    Mag1c1an Guest

    Confused Pathetic.

    What is the point of these attacks. You are trying to get at sony, but you are creating a massive backlash from people who want to play online with there PS3. Talk about annoying the wrong people.

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    Brenza Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
    C'mon guys - there are better ways!!
    Maybe, but they didn't work..

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Good that they realized that DDoS'ing the PSN isn't cool for the legal PS3 owner which bought games to play them online with their friends. I also had an error code yesterday evening, but I didn't care.

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    candan Guest
    Just found this too... Anonymous Vows To Stop PSN Attacks.


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    Chivafighter Guest

    Arrow just cause?

    They do have a just cause, i mean how many of us wanted to do something to Sony? They are actually the ones who want to do something. Just that the methods they are using are also attacking the consumer unintentionally. They want to defend the defendless from the power of the major companies. All they need is to revise their tactics.

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    dulal Guest
    oh they are so anonymous that they are having interview telling around oh we are anonymous oh we are gonna do this do that blah blah. yah so much for anonymous ,and since everyone already said how this smartasses are affecting other people (who never did it to them) by obviously being smartasses they need to at least think or i hope they did think about how their bs is gonna make everything worst and they want to use V for their symbol or whatever.

    in the movie i didn't see him go around and tell others and have interview oh i'm gonna kill that person oh im gonna do this blah blah. i'm just so sick of seeing bs on every single news post that oh sony got boned, sony screwed geohot blah blah now bunch of so called anonymous starting more bs.

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