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Thread: Video: Anonymous Hacker Group Declares War on Sony Over PS3

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    SCEA has posted a brief update on their blog now as well:
    Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media Patrick Seybold

    Were aware that some of you have been experiencing intermittent service on PSN today. Were working on finding a solution, and will report back here as soon as its resolved.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    cyberfix Guest
    I am doing more than complaining about. I am getting ready to sale my modded PSP. I will keep my PS3, but will stick with home brew applications instead of buying games that I might consider otherwise. I will think twice before shelling out thousands on games from Sony (I think I have about 40 original games and most were purchased new). Some are still unopened!

    Finally, if it keeps up, I will consider supporting Xbox on the next generation instead of Sony. That is where it makes a difference. I am just one of many that have grown tired of their ways. I have worked for multiple Japanese companies, but Sony will never be on my resume!

    /p End of Venting!!! p/ :-)

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    Ruck1707 Guest
    Highly applaud Anonymous, just one thing. Leave the PSN alone so I can enjoy my games in the little bit of down time I have.

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    gygabyte666 Guest


    Although I admit I am enjoying watching this all unfold and it's about damn time a group like this has come together to try to show they don't accept this BS anymore, I have to wonder, is this really going to help any of us in the long run?

    I mean think about it, even if this goes public and starts popping up all over the news channels, how much of this is really going to benefit us consumers in the long stretch? Denial of Service Attacks?! That's a pretty damn good way to get company attention alright but it's not really the kind of attention most of us need right now. We need attention from Sony that proves we won't stand for their BS anymore. Not the kind of attention that screams "Hey! We are pretty much begging for you to throw lawsuit after lawsuit on us only to get no real point across at all except that we are all vengeful, pissed off hackers who like to attack web-domains to try to earn the respect of a company who clearly doesn't give a crap to begin with."

    Don't get me wrong. I am ALL for what these guys are 'trying' to accomplish. I understand the frustration and the anger of watching a company that you put so much into over the course of several decades only to have it piss in your face and tell you that you're about as meaningless as a fart in the wind. I get it I really do I just don't think this is really going to help us out as a community of people who want their voices heard. I just see this attack as another can of fuel that the giant crab is gonna use against us later down the line for as long as they can hold it against us (which by recent events proves that could be a very long time). Not only that but how good is this gonna look if it makes it to the news?

    I mean, Hackers and attacks are generally two words that don't really go together very well in a news story. They are generally used to scare the public into an uproar. Not to mention all the fanboys are gonna have a field day with this when/if they can access the PS forums/blogs again. For all I know, they probably already are. I applaud the guys for trying to get back at this scummy filth that we call a company but I don't think attacks like this are the best way to get the attention we deserve out of Sony or the media. Attacking them is really not making us look any better than the crock they've been pulling on all of us recently. This makes us look just as guilty (if not more so) of inappropriate behavior as them. The only difference is they have the lawyers and the cash cow to be able to pull themselves out of any kind of financial/legal trouble they get into. We need to be the ones to set the example.

    I'm sticking to my original gut feeling of hitting them in the wallet. I figure that is the ONLY fail-safe, sure-fire way to hit them where it really is gonna hurt. I don't buy any Sony JUNK anymore. No controllers, no Move, no accessories, NOTHING! I still support game devs and buy games but only used (Sorry devs, blame the crab) so that Sony sees no potential profit in it. I say thats still the best way to hit them where it counts. Maybe i'm wrong and for our communities sake, I sincerely hope I am and I wish this team the best, but unfortunately logic and history just tells me differently.

    I personally hope things change. I like my PS3 and would gladly invite a PS4 into my home one day but not at the cost of liberties and freedoms. If this is truly how Sony intends to keep doing business I hope the PS4 never sees the light of day and the company as a whole dies out because they destroyed their fanbase and demolished their customer's loyalty.

    -Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. No matter how you look at this, the best (or worst) is yet to come.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I'm surprised it took so long. Sony's US sites seem up now.

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    JugMuffin Guest
    I already spoke with my wallet and steering everyone I know away from all Sony products. I have not bought a new PS3 game since Linux was dropped. I HAVE bought and rented xbox 360 games and renewed my paid XBL account.

    While Anonymous is being terribly irresponsible in a number of ways, they are also doing more to bring the issues to light than anyone else has. Even if just one person on PSN closes their account and swears off Sony because of this it will be worth it. If people are not concerned about the way a company treats its paying customers and the general public who do not even own a PS3, they deserve all the PSN outages they endure.

    Realize that while this harasses innocents, those innocents DO need to understand better what is really going on. If nothing else, effing up the online store should be sufficient. People could still use the PSN but be unable to give Sony any money.

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    leukotic Guest
    All interesting, although not sure what good will come of this. Might just make things worse and help Sony prove (or at least reinforce) the intent of the PS3 hackers as malicious. This could end up backfiring.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    This is SO FAKE!! And get a life -.-

    When you Bang down Sony we can't play our games :|.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    This is SO FAKE!! And get a life -.-

    When you Bang down Sony we can't play our games :|.
    Tell that to graf, failoverfl0w and geohot. As far as I'm concerned anything they do to draw more attention to sony's frivolous lawsuits is welcomed.

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    capcrazykidd Guest

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