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Thread: Video: Anonymous Hacker Group Declares War on Sony Over PS3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brenza View Post
    Maybe, but they didn't work..
    ..pretty much. Here's what my attempt looked like..

    "Ok, look.. Sony, just a friendly reminder. I've filed a formal complaint re. rapidly changing user-agreements that are retroactively taken to be legally operative. It's in both our interests if we sort this out - I don't want a bad product, and you want to sell the product on it's strengths. I simply contact Sony out of courtesy, and because I want to see a quick resolution to an issue that might end up being expensive for Sony, as well as inconvenience buyers (not to mention draw resources from other projects). Obviously a "defeat" is also counter-productive, since I in that case will not have my sweet Playstation fix", etc, etc.

    The answer from Sony in England read something like this: "Bllltp!! Also, FART!!!

    Yours truly,

    So no.. don't feel that compelled to speak up for Sony in this case (or their customers, who didn't care about the changing user-agreements - and who only complain when something they care about disappears). Funny how that works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dulal View Post
    oh they are so anonymous that they are having interview telling around oh we are anonymous oh we are gonna do this do that blah blah. yah so much for anonymous ,and since everyone already said how this smartasses are affecting other people (who never did it to them) by obviously being smartasses they need to at least think or i hope they did think about how their bs is gonna make everything worst and they want to use V for their symbol or whatever.

    in the movie i didn't see him go around and tell others and have interview oh i'm gonna kill that person oh im gonna do this blah blah. i'm just so sick of seeing bs on every single news post that oh sony got boned, sony screwed geohot blah blah now bunch of so called anonymous starting more bs.
    I LOLed at your comment. You are a little too late, as anonymous vowed not to continue the PSN attacks because they realized it was unfair to legit consumers. They apologized and no more of that, instead they are attacking other Sony sites. And yes, I think they are smart, because finally after everyone was complaining about wanting to do something, these guys got the balls to do so, and allow open contribution.

    Do a little research concerning anonymous, and learn that they've also fought for egyptian and libyan freedoms to name a few, and transparency in the berlusconi situation. Anonymous is not starting more BS, they are fighting back against the perpetrators, Sony. And they want to use V for their symbol?

    Simply because the protesting crowd at the Westboro Baptist Church adopted the use of Guy Fawkes masks that makes them instantly relate to the Vendetta movie/book? Do some reading regarding Guy Fawkes before commenting on that also. Yes, Vendetta used the masks, for a specific reason regarding the history of the man.

    And LOL. Anonymous is still anonymous even during the interview. Grab a dictionary and look up the word. They stated their intentions, not names, addresses, etc...

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    Arrow Anonymous Ceasing Attacks, Pursuing Other Ways to Get Sony's Attention

    Another Anonymous Press Release:
    Greetings. We are Anonymous.

    We will begin by stating that we are ceasing our DDoS attacks on Sony altogether, as we believe the impact of this particular type of attack has surpassed it’s peak. Sony’s poor attempt to explain the system outages by lying about the nature of them is laughable. Therefore, Anonymous is now choosing to pursue other ways of getting Sony’s attention.

    Secondly, it has recently come to our attention that George Hotz, also known as GeoHot, has reached a settlement with Sony regarding the court case involving those two parties. As further details are being withheld, we will refrain from speculating.

    In the eyes of the law, this case is over. We disagree. We believe Sony’s actions in this case are unjust. We do not agree with Sony forcing social media sites like Youtube to hand over the IP addresses of people who viewed GeoHots videos. We view this as a severe violation of privacy rights. We disagree with Sony forcefully gathering personal information from other companies like PayPal. We find it unacceptable that Sony is even permitted to request this information in the first place. These acts are completely disrespectful and unforgivable.

    This is not about one man’s lopsided battle against a huge corporation. The actions of Sony have far-reaching implications for every person who has purchased and therefore owns a piece of equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

    The current solution will only embolden other greedy corporations to employ similar unfair tactics, so it is necessary to continue our protest to make our voices heard. We invite you to do the same. Operation Sony, or OpSony for short, is simply the opening shot.

    Where the judicial system has failed, Anonymous will persevere, by standing up for the rights of everyone, not just those who dared to challenge these corporations. Geohots’ belief was in the freedom of information dissemination. We will stand with him.

    On April 16th, we will take the protests against Sony to the streets. We encourage anyone who is able to come to a nearby Sony Store to support the cause, even if you are not usually involved with Anonymous. This is not just about Anonymous – this is about your rights.

    If you wish to attend, be sure to check on your local laws and regulations regarding hiding your face during protests and, if allowed, cover your face, whether it is the usual Guy Fawkes masks or some other form of facial covering. Of course you can always wear a mask, even if it’s prohibited by law – but be aware that this can pose a serious legal risk. You should also be aware of potential ‘saboteurs’, whether from police forces / corporate security, or Sony itself.

    If needed, get into contact with others in your area that are going to protest (for example through IRC or the Facebook page), and make preparations before the actual protest takes place. Set up a ‘legal team’ that consists of at least 1 person that does not take part in the protest itself, who is in contact with a lawyer. Make sure the phone number of the ‘legal team’ is written on your arm with something like permanent marker, to make sure you cannot lose it in a full body search – better safe than sorry. It is also a good idea to make sure your ‘legal team’ stays in contact with other anons, to keep everyone updated about the running protests, as well as possible arrests.

    For more important information on protests, you can refer to (here you can also find important tips to keep yourself safe). While this document is aimed at the United Kingdom, the situation in other countries will often be similar, however, it is always a good idea to check your local laws and regulations. If you have any questions, you can always ask them in the IRC (chat) channel.

    Let us show Sony that all information is free and that we own the things we buy, now and forever.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

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