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    Wow... absolutely amazing... I have a Fat3.15, and it's working like a dream.

    Already tested my favourites:

    Satans hollow
    Spy hunter
    How to be a complete bastard
    Spy Vs. Spy
    Action Biker
    Bards Tale
    The Last Ninja
    Thunderbirds (The cave puzzle one )

    Gunship and F-117 (Microprose) loaded up, but I have to check the keyboard layout templates (yup... I still gottem) for the keyboard commands.

    Still to test:
    Boulder dash
    Miner 2049'er
    Monty on the Run
    Leaderboard golf (Ahhh... memories of whole sundays spent playing this with a group of 4 buddies...)
    Pitstop 2 (Still think the color bar on the wheels indicating their condition is a great idea... unfortunately not used ever since)
    Attack of the mutant camels
    Rambo (Yay! I got the machine gun!!!)
    Beach Head
    Raid over moscow (Hands down... amazing)
    BC's Quest for tyres

    IŽll shutup now...

    Many thanks...

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    can't seem to get the plus 4 emu or 128 or vic 20, getting msg error 80010009 any ideas guys?

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    Dec 2009
    Very nostalgic, thanks!

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    getting error 80010009, how to fix this please? is there another c64 emulator than vice, can anyone make one that works?

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    me too, how to fix please help thanks!

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    Any chance of updating this superb emulator so it may be able to auto boot games.

    Therefore allowing us to create auto boot game packages of all c64 games?

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