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Thread: VICE - C64 PLUS4 VIC20 Emulator for PS3 is Released!

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    stabes Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ClausG76 View Post
    Just put them in a folder on your usb device or the internal harddisc. It really doesn't matter, since you browse them manually when you run the program.
    Thanks for that ClausG76.

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    TimRex Guest

    VICE 1.0.2 release

    VICE 1.0.2 released

    - Support for C128
    - On-Screen Keyboard fixed
    - Initial support for ReSID emulation (higher quality audio)

    - ReSID emulation optimised to use AltiVec instruction set, yielding a significant performance boost against higher quality audio emulation in resampling mode (see changelog)

    - Default ReSID quality now set to maximum (Resampling at 90% Band Pass)

    - Fixed minor redraw bug that caused the screen buffer to flip back to settings screen after a redraw/blit timeout
    - Added PIC1.PNG

    - Support to insert a disk image without rebooting (TRIANGLE)

    - Added compatibility SlowLoad mode (SQUARE)
    This will disable FastLoad and enable True Drive Emulation (TDE) for those titles that require it for improved compatibility

    - Mapped RUN/STOP key to L3

    - Mapped right control-stick to cursor keys (up/down/left/right)

    - Fixed F1/F3/F5/F7 key mapping to controller L1/L2/R1/R2

    - Finally... Disabling audio emulation altogether during warp mode has increased CPU throughput to 1749%
    That ought to help any long load times.

    - Optimised audio buffer sizes

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks TimRex, I have linked to the update in the first post now and +Rep!

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    adgloride Guest
    Great work, everything seems to be working fine now. One question though, on the keyboard emulation what key is run/stop? I need the key to get past one of the game intros.

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    stabes Guest
    Many thanks for the work on this, I know this may sound cheeky but do you know of anybody working on a Spectrum Emulator?

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    TimRex Guest
    adgloride, RUN/STOP is mapped to the controller L3 button

    stabes, I haven't heard. But that doesn't mean it isn't happening..?

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    stabes Guest
    OK, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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    adgloride Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TimRex View Post
    adgloride, RUN/STOP is mapped to the controller L3 button

    stabes, I haven't heard. But that doesn't mean it isn't happening..?
    Thanks for that. I should learn to read the information about the new emulator better.

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    ClausG76 Guest
    Great update. It's nice that i can start the fight in International Karate now. And it looks and sound perfect.

    Does any one know if "Batman the movie" is normaly working with Vice?

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    muny21 Guest
    thanks for the update. all issues i mentioned were fixed. do you plan on adding zip support and also the overscan does not work on the browsing screen. like the first two letters on the left side are cut off and i can only say "+ T" on the [] (slowload. this happens when i use it on my standard tv.

    also the screen when playing games does not fill up the whole screen again only on the standard tv. keep up the good work really appreciate this emulator. love my c64 games.

    one other thing, the enter on the keyboard does not register in the winter games. so you can not play that game still. it just stays at the enter your name screen. you can enter the letters but it does not let you hit enter.

    sorry about that. if you hit line break on the on-screen keyboard it lets you enter your name and plays great after that. thanks.

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