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    Quote Originally Posted by KerKid View Post
    Is this n64? If so, I can't wait to play old school golden eye.
    No, it is an emulator of Commodore 64.

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    the c64, first computer i ever had.

    Thanks for the release!

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    MAZIN! lovin this - just need the virtal keyboard to work...

    Any chance of a speccy & Amstrad CPC emu hahaha

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    Thanks. I have been looking forward for release like this. Is there something wrong with the button mappings. I doesn't press the f-buttons, when i hit the L and R buttons. Ex. It doesn't press f1 when i press the L1 button.

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    How do you load another disk (image) without quitting the current one? I.E. in the bards tale you have to load the game with the bootdisk, but then when you start to make a chracter it says insert character disk. If you try to load the character disk, it resets and tries to load it as a new game, which doesn't work, because its designed to load while the boot disk program is active.

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    Next release (1.0.2) will resolve many of these issues.

    Claus, you are correct. The button mapping for the function keys was broken.
    Dragonsurfer, the ability to switch disk images without rebooting has been added.

    Muny21, I've tried those three titles you suggested and had no problems with the sound. Can you try again with v1.0.2? (release expected a few hours from now).

    You should also expect to see a fixed OSK (on-screen keyboard), improved audio emulation (higher quality), faster warp-mode, added compatibility mode, and a few more button mappings.

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    Sounds great thanks.

    I tested it with my blutooth keyboard an it was working fine except for the F-buttons. I noticed that on still screens, it is some times flashing the previuos screen. Ex if you just selected something in a menu and it moves on to another menu. The screen will be change between the previos menu and the present menu. It also sometimes aperar at the loading sekvense.

    Have you thought about adding the possibility of saving the location of the disc image folder?


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    Sorry for the NOOB question but where do we place the ROMS for this? Is it just in root or do we need to create a specific folder path?

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    Just put them in a folder on your usb device or the internal harddisc. It really doesn't matter, since you browse them manually when you run the program.

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    Claus, thanks for the feedback. Actual keyboard support is very much incomplete and isn't currently a major focus, though I'll look into it for sure. Also, 1.0.2 has resolved the menu swap problem.

    Saving of default path config is on the list for a future revision, along with a whole host of VICE specific config options.

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