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Thread: VBA PS3 Port v0.9.9 - GB / GBA Emulator with Shaders Arrives

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    VBA PS3 Port v0.9.9 - GB / GBA Emulator with Shaders Arrives

    Today halsafar has released a VBA PS3 port v0.9.9 which is a GameBoy / GBA Emulator that includes shaders followed by some updates below.

    Download: VBA PS3 v0.9.9 Port (3.41 FW only) / VBA PS3 v0.9.9.1 Port (3.41 FW only) / Visual Boy Advance PS3 1.01 (FW 3.41/Geohot CFW 3.55) / SVN / vba-ps3-981ca66ff284.pkg (9.3 MB) by altimit

    To quote: I am pleased to finally release my teams port of VBA (Visual Boy Advance) to the public. It is a clean port of the most recent VBA-M emulator, that is fully functional, equal to our teams SNES9X-PS3 and FCEU-PS3 releases.

    We spent some time optimizing it. The VBA-M source is not conducive to being run on the PPU. After applying many small optimizations we have obtained 60fps in all the important games. Enjoy GB and GBA with shaders!

    From the VBA PS3 Version 0.9.9 readme file:


    * Saving/loading of SRAM
    * Savestate loading/saving support
    - Savestate slot selectable in-game
    - Up to 10 saveslots



    Up - Go up
    Down - Go down
    Left - Go back five file entries
    Right - Go forward five file entries
    L1 - Go back one page
    R1 - Go forward one page

    Cross - (If directory selected) enter directory/ (if ROM selected) start ROM
    Triangle - (If ROM selected) start ROM with multitap support
    Circle - (If not in root directory) Go back to previous directory
    L2 + R2 - (If you previously exited a ROM) return to game
    Select - Go to settings menu (see 'CONTROLS IN SETTINGS MENU' section)


    Up - Go up one setting.
    Down - Go down one setting.
    Left - Change setting to the left.
    Right - Change setting to the right.

    Circle - Go back to ROM menu/Go back to previous Settings screen
    Start - Reset the setting back to the default value.
    R1 - Go to the next Settings screen
    L1 - Go to the previous Settings screen
    L3 + R3 - Return back to game (if a ROM is loaded)


    Nothing worth really explaining here -

    R3 + L3 - Press these two buttons together while in-game to go back to the ROM browser menu.

    R3 + R2 - Save to currently selected save state slot
    L3 + L2 - Load from currently selected save state slot

    Right analog stick - Left - Move current savestate slot one slot backwards
    Right analog stick - Right - Move current savestate slot one slot forward

    To play a game with a USB controller as Player 1, start up your PS3 and rather than using the Sixaxis/DualShock3, plug in an USB port before connecting the controller to the PS3 - your USB pad should then become Controller 1.

    Visual Boy Advance PS3 1.01 (FW 3.41/Geohot CFW 3.55) Changelog:

    • Settings save again - ROM path/SRAM path/savestate path can be changed again.

    • UI enhancements - up-to-date with the other emulators (SNES9x PS3/Genesis Plus GX PS3/FCEU PS3)
    • RSound support.
    • Configurable controls.
    • Geohot 3.55 CFW build.

    Finally, from altimit comes another build of VBA-PS3 (Visual Boy Advance) GB/GBA Emulator for PS3 who states the following:

    I built the code from here:

    You can download the package from here (linked above). To be fair, I did not test the emulator beyond installing the pkg on my PS3 and booting it to the ROM select screen.

    [imglink=|VBA PS3 Port v0.9.9 - GB / GBA Emulator with Shaders Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|VBA PS3 Port v0.9.9 - GB / GBA Emulator with Shaders Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    hacked2123 Guest
    2) Sonic Advance 1/2 currently don't work with VBA. This is a known issue and will be looked into.
    Those games suck anyways... the Sonic series is and has been in pain since post 'Sonic Adventure' for Dreamcast (Which was almost bad)

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    Romualdpsp Guest
    I love games the zelda minish THANKS.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Beat that game on PSP-2000. Extremely enjoyable with backlight, and a screen that is almost 2x the size.

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    This is awesome. The PS3 is really starting to get a good range of emulators.

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    Mbb Guest
    Pokemon red on 1080p ?

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    AugustSKY Guest
    This scene continues to flourish. This is quite something

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    costocart Guest
    keep up the good work mate.

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    RevCube Guest
    now i'm no programmer/hacker or anything like that and i appreciate everything that they do for us end users, but do we really need another emulator, its like come on i got all of these emulators not only on my PC, but on my psp, wii, the list goes on and on.

    what's the difference with playing these emulators on my xbox 1 than on a ps3? i would like to see the ps3 get fully hacked and lets stop wasting time on remaking the same old same old, i can play snes on my iphone for crying out loud who needs it on a ps3? not to kick dirt on anyone but that's just the way i feel, and i'm sure a lot of others feel the same way.

    Bottom line is that we don't need all these emulators for ps3. Agree or disagree? The only emulator i think should be on the ps3 is MUGEN.

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Some people told me to be smarter than responding to posts like this, but I just can't resist:

    1 - VBA on Xbox 1 was not fullspeed - never was in fact. It had to resort to frameskipping. It isn't fullspeed on the Wii or PSP either.
    2 - Your iPhone SNES emulator (SNES HD or snes4iphone I take it - which would make it a SNES9x port) is certainly NOT getting fullspeed on all games. No SNES emulator on the PSP was ever fullspeed. If you think it does, then you never played it on real hardware. Let's leave it at that. You're getting a subpar experience on your iPhone, and on top of that, you have to pay money for SNES4iphone. Frameskip 1/2/3 is NOT the speed and fluidity at which the SNES ran.
    3 - Mugen - cannot be ported, ever, to PS3, in its current condition.

    Anyway, hope some of you out there still liked what we did. I know for one I get a lot of use out of it.

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