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    tjay17 Guest
    So, there is no way to update tiger woods 11 to use the move?

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    EiKii Guest
    ok seems like old eboot isn't possible right now, gta just loads to starting new mission, no more happens and some other said to, i gonna make some more investigation regarding updates will try to make some update in the near future, see how it goes

    hopefully within one day, i have some things on my mind to try ^^

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    tjay17 Guest
    Here is a thought maybe if the update files can be saved so that they can be installed when the ps3 is in normal mode it may work maybe because it is in a debug mode it cannot install right because the ps3 is looking for debug files.

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    EiKii Guest
    well that's how you are able to install, but it makes a new EBOOT wich aint encrypted i guess, and replacing it with old apparently won't make it updated, or cant confirm, going to try some things when i have the time.

    don't know if there is any other way updating games yet, and i don't know how many interested in it hehe.

    well post here if there is any new findings.

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    gearsofrock Guest
    where on this site is game updates to download plz? i was referred to this site to download them. thanks in advance

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    These are probably the links you are looking for:

    Debug Game Updates: http://www.ps4news.com/subdomain.php?pagename=ps3-debug

    Retail Game Updates: http://www.ps4news.com/subdomain.php?pagename=psn

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    spark32 Guest


    Here is a suggestion that works perfect for me. Disable your internet connection on your PS3.

    (The only time you really need it is when you need to run FTP Server, so enable it then and then only).
    A lot less hassle.

    But that's just my opinion, so don't flame me if you want to work out an alternative, this might be exactly what someone is looking for.

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    tjay17 Guest
    I wonder why the games cannot update? Is it something that happens to the files while the game is being backuped and if so how can this be fixed?

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    Gunner54 Guest
    By replacing the EBOOT to the old one, you are removing the update. The reason you don't get nagged about a new update is because PARAM.SFO has been updated to think it has the latest patch..

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    EiKii Guest
    UPDATE: I mananged to update GTA IV, to use trophies. I got a trophy ingame so confirmed to work, tho some games do update, some won't. need to try some more games, but this was without disc in drive.
    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    I wonder why the games cannot update? Is it something that happens to the files while the game is being backuped and if so how can this be fixed?
    it's because update EBOOT.BIN being encrypted.

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