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Thread: Updates on PS3 JailBreak games

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    barbnjason Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by yigga View Post
    i guess they could ban the console ID... but i wouldnt think so either, since you dont even have a PSN account and didnt agree to their terms and conditions.

    in reference to this list, Debug PlayStation Network (PSN) Links. how can we log the links? can we see the url in the router logs?
    First off you Need a Tool/Debug PS3 to do this.

    Getting a Debug Package

    Your asking “How do I find a debug package?”. For starters, check for a debug patch. But, if its not at the site, its somewhat simple to check for it.

    Boot up your PS3 to the XMB, make sure in debug settings that NP environment is set to “sp-int” or “prod-qa”, sign into PSN (with sp-int or prod-qa credentials, you can use the quick sign-up), and launch the game. If your in luck, it will say an update is available – download it!

    To get the URL you have a few options. You could either sniff out the connection with something like Wireshark - that takes a bit more setup. Other times the URL is actually passed right to dtccons - so make sure you have the debugging windows open. Or, you could use any number of the PS3 Proxy applications to grab the link.

    This info was taken from this post by CJPC here

    And on a side note yigga please don't spam the same question in multiple threads if your not answered right away thanks.

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    yigga Guest
    i would love if i could update the game... and this is where the this comes handy:

    you can update via ftp... without connecting to a sony server... but when i want to update that list, how can i get those links?

    for instance, gta IV (trophy update), or tiger woods 11 (move support update)

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    psgroove Guest
    Using this method it is possible to get the retail Super Street Fighter HD Turbo Remix to run. Download and install it and then install the debug update. The game boots fine.

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    yigga Guest
    thx barbnjason... sorry for asking in multiple threads. since i only have a jailbroken ps3 no linksniffing for me...

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    qifa Guest
    If you can, create the backup on a removable disk or networked location.

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    smarty94 Guest
    so has anyone tested this method? does the old eboot.bin make a difference?

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    Mike130784 Guest
    thanks, definitely going to try this

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    EiKii Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by smarty94 View Post
    so has anyone tested this method? does the old eboot.bin make a difference?
    it works but i don't know if its updated, gonna try get my hands on GTA IV that would show, i had it before but apperently it's gone, latest tomorrow i try, if someone are able please post here.

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    hungryduck Guest
    It doesn't seem to actually update the game even though it does stop nagging you. Fallout 3 still shows version after I installed 1.6 following those instructions.

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    cbl81 Guest
    Tried this with the new Madden 1.03 patch, game loads but its still just the 1.00 version

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