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Thread: Unscramble your PS3 Dump: Flow Rebuilder 3.21 BETA released!!

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    NDT Guest

    I successfully unscrambled the PS3 dumps!

    Tonite, after months of works and research i successfully achieved one big result, i was able to unscramble my nand dump using my latest version of flow rebuilder! (for those who don't know, the dumps are divided in blocks, a 1024 fraction of the dump, those 1024 blocks are all srambled so until now we couldn't manage the contained files, neither study the dump itself cause of the fact all wasn't in the right place).

    All file offsets and sizes now perfectly match, and we can extract the files inside the dump in order to swap/study or whater we'd like to try

    I'm really satisfied about my work, it was a pain but i won at least

    I'll release the app in some days after some serious debug.

    See you all


    P.S. I'll greet all my friends who contribuited to the work when i'll release the tool

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    Apr 2005
    Very nice to hear NDT, and hopefully the same LAMERS won't STEAL your tool when you do release it taking the credits (and our traffic by pretending you released it "elsewhere" misleading others) as they have done before so many times.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS... I'm sure many intelligent PS3 Devs here will be quite pleased as well!!!

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    Takavach Guest
    i am happy to hear this , CONGRATULATIONS

    what is the version of the nand that you unscramble ?

    thanks in advance ...

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    NDT Guest
    It's 2.41, but the algorithm should be the same for all the versions.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Very intresting this certainly looks promising. Well, good luck with the next step in progression. Do the Dev f/w dumps use the same alogarithms too??

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    triple7 Guest
    Well done NDT!

    Glad to hear that all the time you invested in this finally payed off.

    /// triple7

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    NDT Guest

    Unscramble your PS3 Dump: Flow Rebuilder 3.21 BETA released!!

    This tool, although in beta stage, allows you to unscramble the blocks of a PS3 dumps moving them in a way that the dumps become readable and extractable!

    It's for study and tests purposes, for experienced people only (devs) that this way can manage the files inside the flashes.

    As example I included my PS3 dump map, it should help you understanding the dump layout.

    Download: PS3 NAND Flow Rebuilder v3.21 BETA

    I decided to share the tool early because it need a lot of testing, so, since I'll be in vacation in a few days I thought it would be nice to allow people to begin looking at it meanwhile I return home.

    I tested it on like 10 dumps and I noticed that it perfectly worked only on 4 dumps (one was a Debug dump so yes, it works on debug dumps too :), this happen because of the fact I noticed I have to implement another variable in the unscrambling algorithm, my dump didn't needed it so I didn't noticed before of today, well, it's not a big deal, I think I'll manage the problem in the next releases. Have some patience :)

    Let me know if you notice any problems using the tool or if you obtain a layout so much different than the example I included.

    OPTIONS: ANALYZER is an option that save some info about the extracted blocks in the LOG directory:


    It only works for Flash1 and it's in a very early stage, it works on 2.40/2.41 dumps and it's very slow.

    Treat bad blocks as empty is an option to manage the bad blocks otherwise tool cannot works on such dumps, just leave it always enabled, it shouldn't cause problems.

    Note: I noticed that the Infectus USA PS3 dumps often have flash 0/1 inverted, if you notice strange layouts please load the flashes in the way around.

    Note 2: In the future release I'll implement a function that will allow the dump to be scrambled back to the original state in order to be reflashed with eventually swapped files, it was already done in the
    previous release of Flow Rebuilder so it shouldn't take a big while until I do it.

    Note 3: In order to works this tool need the .net framework 2.0: most computers should have it installed yet, by the way here is the link in case you wonder where to get it:

    I'd like to greet all the ppl that helped me in this work: ggparallel, Ein (you man rocks!), CJPC, Courier and all the staff :-)

    NDT More...

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    Starlight Guest
    Awesome news indeed NDT..well done!

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    RexVF5 Guest
    Congratulations! Now if only such breakthrough would happen in either decoding self files or PS3 filesystem.

    Anyway, great work!!!

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    SkyScraper94 Guest
    I love this men xD good NDT

    in ita: Grande NDT! Complimenti continua cosė sono alex1994 del tribe

    Sorry but i and NDT are italian we understand better

    Sorry the double post, for this program is necessary PS3 Backup make with Infectus?

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