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    link2009 Guest

    Unreal Tournament III PS3 Find

    I'm not certain if this is really a Dev find, but I've founded an embedded DLL in the Unreal Tournament III directory called PS3Tools, I'm hoping someone can reverse engineer it and come up with something.

    I can include the .DLL files if anyone thinks it may lead to something interesting.

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    link2009 Guest
    Sniffing around a little bit more I found these files in the hierarchy:
    CookerSync_PS3.xml - Mentions a lot about the PS3 .ELF .XELF and .SELF files
    DefaultGame.ini -Contains sections managing PS3 behaviour
    PCTOC.txt - Directory listing of files for the PC and PS3 to use
    PS3.int - International file used for English display
    UnrealFrontend_cfg.xml - ?

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    iCEQB Guest

    after some research, there's definitly nothing special going on in there. Some referenced text string might be interesting, but only usable with PS3 SDK.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Using this .dll like it is right now, doesn't lead anywhere. There are also 2 files files missing in "...\Binaries\PS3\", thats:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    short answer: useless! :-)


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