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Thread: Unreal Tournament III PS3 Find

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    link2009 Guest

    Unreal Tournament III PS3 Find

    I'm not certain if this is really a Dev find, but I've founded an embedded DLL in the Unreal Tournament III directory called PS3Tools, I'm hoping someone can reverse engineer it and come up with something.

    I can include the .DLL files if anyone thinks it may lead to something interesting.

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    link2009 Guest
    Sniffing around a little bit more I found these files in the hierarchy:
    CookerSync_PS3.xml - Mentions a lot about the PS3 .ELF .XELF and .SELF files
    DefaultGame.ini -Contains sections managing PS3 behaviour
    PCTOC.txt - Directory listing of files for the PC and PS3 to use - International file used for English display
    UnrealFrontend_cfg.xml - ?

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    iCEQB Guest

    after some research, there's definitly nothing special going on in there. Some referenced text string might be interesting, but only usable with PS3 SDK.

    Address    Disassembly                                      Text string
    100019C4   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000A2DC                        ASCII "[PS3Callstack] 0x????????"
    10001A6B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A2F8                           ASCII "00000000"
    10001AE4   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000A304                        ASCII "lv2(2): #   0x????????????????"
    10001B9E   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A324                           ASCII "badadd00"
    10001D08   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A3EC                           ASCII "vector<T> too long"
    10001F57   MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ESI],PS3Tools.1000A404         ASCII "0J"
    10001FD0   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10001FD7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    10001FDD   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10001FE8   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    10002002   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    1000200B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10002025   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000A4E0                        ASCII "true"
    1000202C   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000A4D8                        ASCII "false"
    10002031   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    1000203C   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10002050   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000A4E8                        UNICODE "PS3"
    100020BB   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A50C                           UNICODE "0x%X"
    100020D7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A504                           ASCII "0x%x"
    10002131   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4F0                           UNICODE "%S [%S]"
    1000217B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A524                           UNICODE "Unknown"
    10002184   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A524                           UNICODE "Unknown"
    100021B1   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A504                           ASCII "0x%x"
    1000224D   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A518                           UNICODE "%S"
    1000225E   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A518                           UNICODE "%S"
    10002305   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A53C                           ASCII "%s failed with error %d: %s"
    10002316   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A534                           ASCII "Error"
    100024A2   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A5DC                           UNICODE "Reboot PS3"
    100024BA   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A598                           UNICODE "<Can't reboot without a target!>"
    10002502   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A630                           UNICODE "Run PS3"
    1000251A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A5F4                           UNICODE "<Can't run without a target!>"
    1000254C   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10002557   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10002B9A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10002BA6   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    10002BAB   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A660                           ASCII "RebootPS3"
    10002BB0   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10002BB7   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    10002BCF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10002BDB   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10002BE0   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A660                           ASCII "RebootPS3"
    10002BF5   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10002C01   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    10002C06   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A64C                           ASCII "WriteCommandLine"
    10002C0B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10002C12   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    10002C26   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10002C32   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10002C37   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A64C                           ASCII "WriteCommandLine"
    10002C49   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10002C55   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    10002C5A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A640                           ASCII "UseDebugElf"
    10002C5F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10002C66   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    10002C7A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10002C86   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D8                           ASCII "false"
    10002C8B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A640                           ASCII "UseDebugElf"
    10002C90   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10002C9B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10003A2D   MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ESI],PS3Tools.1000A404         (Initial CPU selection)
    10003AB5   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10003ABF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7C0                           ASCII "TargetIndex"
    10003AC4   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10003AD7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10003ADE   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7C0                           ASCII "TargetIndex"
    10003AE3   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10003B80   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7B8                           UNICODE "--"
    10003BB7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A794                           UNICODE "Reboot on POPS3?"
    10003BEE   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A758                           UNICODE "Write To PS3CommandLine.txt?"
    10003C25   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A738                           UNICODE "Use Debug .elf?"
    10003C5C   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7B8                           UNICODE "--"
    10003C93   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A6F8                           UNICODE "Set Live Update IP (Game IP)..."
    10003CCA   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A6A0                           UNICODE "Set PS3 Base Directory (for HD caching)..."
    10003D01   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7B8                           UNICODE "--"
    10003D38   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A68C                           UNICODE "PS3 Help"
    10003D6F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7B8                           UNICODE "--"
    10003DF9   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10003E08   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    10003E0D   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A67C                           ASCII "BaseDirectory"
    10003E12   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10003E1D   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    10003E34   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10003E43   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A66C                           ASCII "UnrealEngine3"
    10003E48   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A67C                           ASCII "BaseDirectory"
    10003E4D   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10003F7F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A8C4                           UNICODE "? .#"
    10003F94   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10003FA0   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    10003FA5   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A660                           ASCII "RebootPS3"
    10003FAA   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10003FB5   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    10003FC9   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10003FD5   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10003FDA   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A660                           ASCII "RebootPS3"
    10003FDF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10003FEA   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10003FF9   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10004005   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    1000400A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A64C                           ASCII "WriteCommandLine"
    1000400F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10004016   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    1000402A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10004036   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    1000403B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A64C                           ASCII "WriteCommandLine"
    10004040   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    1000404B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    1000406C   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A8B8                           UNICODE "Debug"
    1000407D   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000A8A8                        UNICODE "Debug-"
    100040A1   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A830                           UNICODE "%s%sGame cookpackages %s -ALWAYSRECOOKMAPS -platform=ps3"
    10004144   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A81C                           ASCII "Connect failed"
    10004149   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7D0                           ASCII "Failed to connect to a target. Check your settings and the Target Manager"
    100041DD   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    100041E9   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    100041EE   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A640                           ASCII "UseDebugElf"
    100041F3   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    100041FA   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    1000420E   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    1000421A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D8                           ASCII "false"
    1000421F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A640                           ASCII "UseDebugElf"
    10004224   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    1000422F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10004240   MOV EDX,PS3Tools.1000A8B8                        UNICODE "Debug"
    10004247   MOV EDX,PS3Tools.1000AAF0                        UNICODE "Release"
    10004295   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    100042A1   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    100042A6   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A660                           ASCII "RebootPS3"
    100042AB   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    100042B2   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    100042C6   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    100042D2   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    100042D7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A660                           ASCII "RebootPS3"
    100042DC   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    100042E7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    100042F8   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000A4E0                        ASCII "true"
    100042FF   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000A4D8                        ASCII "false"
    10004304   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    1000430A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A660                           ASCII "RebootPS3"
    1000430F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    1000432A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10004336   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    1000433B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A64C                           ASCII "WriteCommandLine"
    10004340   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    10004347   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    1000435B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    10004367   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    1000436C   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A64C                           ASCII "WriteCommandLine"
    10004371   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    1000437C   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10004393   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A64C                           ASCII "WriteCommandLine"
    100043AD   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    100043B9   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D0                           ASCII "DUMMY"
    100043BE   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A640                           ASCII "UseDebugElf"
    100043C3   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    100043CA   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000A4D0                        ASCII "DUMMY"
    100043DE   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A494                           ASCII "PS3\\DefaultPlayOnPS3.ini"
    100043EA   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4D8                           ASCII "false"
    100043EF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A640                           ASCII "UseDebugElf"
    100043F4   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    100043FF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4E0                           ASCII "true"
    10004416   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A640                           ASCII "UseDebugElf"
    10004450   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AA28                           UNICODE "QUERYVALUE %s \"Enter the Base Directory you use on the PS3 (should match CookerFrontEnd.exe)\" \"%s\""
    10004473   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AA20                           ASCII ""
    10004478   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AA10                           ASCII "PS3IPAddress"
    100044DF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A938                           UNICODE "QUERYVALUE %s \"Enter IP Address for Live Update (shown in PS3 log, NOT the IP used in Target Manager"
    1000451B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A91C                           ASCII "PS3 Editor Integration Help"
    10004520   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A8D0                           ASCII "See for documentation."
    10004537   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A7C0                           ASCII "TargetIndex"
    10004604   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    1000460A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AA10                           ASCII "PS3IPAddress"
    1000462F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4BC                           ASCII "PS3\\PlayOnPS3.ini"
    10004635   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A67C                           ASCII "BaseDirectory"
    1000463A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000A4B0                           ASCII "PlayOnPS3"
    100047E2   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ABF4                           UNICODE "%sGame-PS3%s.elf"
    100047F7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ABD8                           ASCII "PS3\\PS3CommandLine.txt"
    10004814   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ABB8                           UNICODE "%s -BaseDir=%s"
    10004839   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AB9C                           UNICODE "..\\EBOOT.BIN"
    10004866   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AB90                           ASCII "DeleteFile"
    100048AB   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AB84                           ASCII "CopyFile"
    100048BE   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ABD8                           ASCII "PS3\\PS3CommandLine.txt"
    10004935   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AB00                           UNICODE "PS3\\PS3Run_Epic -r -h.. -f.. -t%s %sGame-PS3%s.elf %s -BaseDir=%s"
    10004A50   MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ECX],PS3Tools.1000B310         ASCII "pJ"
    10004A78   MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ESI],PS3Tools.1000B310         ASCII "pJ"
    10004B70   MOV EAX,10078                                    UNICODE "sers"
    10004C1E   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC18                           ASCII 0A,"Failed to "
    10004C30   ADD ESP,10078                                    UNICODE "sers"
    10004D2E   ADD ESP,10078                                    UNICODE "sers"
    10004D4B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC38                           ASCII "SCE_PS3_ROOT"
    100050CC   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC48                           ASCII "%stemp$$$$.wav"
    100050DF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC58                           ASCII "%stemp$%%02d$.wav"
    100050F2   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC6C                           ASCII "%stemp$$$$.msf"
    100051A3   MOV DWORD PTR DS:[EDI],PS3Tools.1000B310         ASCII "pJ"
    1000529E   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC7C                           ASCII "wb"
    100052C1   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC7C                           ASCII "wb"
    100052DD   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AC80                           ASCII "Could not open temp$$$$.wav for writing after 10 up!\n"
    100053FA   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ACC8                           ASCII "rb"
    10005439   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ACCC                           ASCII "ATRAC3 conversion returned a zero length file!\n"
    10005489   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ACFC                           ASCII "Unable to open temp$$$$.msf for reading\n"
    100054DF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AD28                           ASCII "8-bit sound data is not supported by ATRAC3 compression - skipping...\n"
    10005507   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AD70                           ASCII "Could not prepare temp wav file\n"
    1000553F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AD94                           ASCII "Writing to temp$$$$.wav failed!\n"
    10005594   PUSH PS3Tools.1000ADB8                           ASCII "SCE_PS3_ROOT envvar is not set! Run the PS3\\InstallSDK script to install the SDK.\n"
    100055B0   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000AE0C                        ASCII " 1"
    100055D7   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AE10                           ASCII "%s\\host-win32\\bin\\MSEnc.exe -in %s 0%s -out %s -x -loop -ch %d -atrac3 %d"
    1000561A   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000AE5C                        ASCII "MSEnc execution failed.  See below for more information.\n"
    100056AE   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000AE9C                        ASCII "ATRAC3 conversion failed!:\n"
    1000574F   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AEC0                           ASCII "8-bit sound data is not supported by ATRAC3 compression - skipping...\n"
    10005826   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AF30                           ASCII "SCE_PS3_ROOT envvar is not set! Run the PS3\\InstallSDK script to install the SDK.\n"
    1000584A   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AF08                           ASCII "Writing to temp$xx$.wav failed!\n"
    10005878   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AF84                           ASCII "%s\\host-win32\\bin\\MSEnc.exe "
    1000591B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AFAC                           ASCII " %d"
    10005989   PUSH PS3Tools.1000AFB0                           ASCII " -out %s -x -ch %d -atrac3 %d"
    10005A06   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000AFD0                        ASCII "MSEnc execution failed.  See below for more information.\n"
    10005AA4   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000B010                        ASCII "ATRAC3 conversion failed!:\n"
    10005B33   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B030                           ASCII "libcgc.dll"
    10005B52   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B040                           ASCII "We were unable to to find LIBCGC.DLL via the SCE_PS3_ROOT env var!  Please make sure SCE_PS3_ROOT is valid and you have LIBCGC.DLL.\n"
    10005B8F   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000B0C8                        ASCII "Libcgc.dll is not loaded - can't compile PS3 shaders!\n"
    10005C28   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+A8],PS3Tools.1000B100      ASCII "-quiet"
    10005C33   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+AC],PS3Tools.1000B108      ASCII "-contalloc"
    10005C3E   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+B0],PS3Tools.1000B114      ASCII "-nofx"
    10005C49   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+B4],PS3Tools.1000B11C      ASCII "-firstallocreg"
    10005C54   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+B8],PS3Tools.1000B12C      ASCII "200"
    10005C5F   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+BC],PS3Tools.1000B130      ASCII "-list"
    10005C6A   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+C0],PS3Tools.1000B138      ASCII "PS3\\ShaderOutput\\ShaderErrors.txt"
    10005C75   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+C4],PS3Tools.1000B15C      ASCII "-I"
    10005C87   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+CC],PS3Tools.1000B160      ASCII "-DPS3=1"
    10005C92   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+D0],PS3Tools.1000B168      ASCII "-DCOMPILER_CG=1"
    10005CFD   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B1CC                           ASCII "rt"
    10005D3D   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000B1D0                        ASCII "Error when compiling PS3 shader: Source code too large!\n"
    10005D69   MOV ESI,PS3Tools.1000B198                        ASCII "Too many #defines when compiling PS3 shader!\n"
    10005DAC   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000B20C                        ASCII "sce_vp_rsx"
    10005DB3   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000B218                        ASCII "sce_fp_rsx"
    100060B2   MOV EDI,PS3Tools.1000B224                        ASCII "_depth_factor"
    10006156   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B27C                           ASCII "%s,%d,%d "
    10006378   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B288                           ASCII "$kill"
    100065CF   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B238                           ASCII "Error when compiling PS3 shader: Parameter \"%s : %s\" has 0 size!\n"
    10006644   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B290                           ASCII "%s,%d,%d "
    10006756   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B29C                           ASCII "%s,%d,%d "
    10006957   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000B2A8                        ASCII "vertex shader"
    1000695E   MOV EAX,PS3Tools.1000B2B8                        ASCII "pixel shader"
    1000696B   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B2C8                           ASCII "Failed to compile PS3 %s:\n"
    10006977   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B2E4                           ASCII "rt"
    1000697C   PUSH PS3Tools.1000B2E8                           ASCII "PS3\\ShaderOutput\\ShaderErrors.txt"
    10006BEB   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+2C],PS3Tools.1000B374      ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(101)"
    10006DCD   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+38],PS3Tools.1000B39C      ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(199)"
    10006F1A   MOV [LOCAL.4],PS3Tools.1000B41C                  ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(296)"
    10006F70   MOV [LOCAL.2],PS3Tools.1000B3F0                  ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(334)"
    100070C1   MOV [LOCAL.2],PS3Tools.1000B3C8                  ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(363)"
    100077A9   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+28],PS3Tools.1000B4A0      ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(506)"
    100077C0   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+28],PS3Tools.1000B478      ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(514)"
    100077D7   MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+28],PS3Tools.1000B450      ASCII ".\\libedgegeom_kcacheoptimizer.cpp(552)"
    Using this .dll like it is right now, doesn't lead anywhere. There are also 2 files files missing in "...\Binaries\PS3\", thats:

    short answer: useless! :-)


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