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Thread: Unreal tournament 3 content loader idea

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    saviour07 Guest

    Lightbulb Unreal tournament 3 content loader idea

    Was playing ut3 the other day and the thought occurred to me... you can import mods into ut3 via the community/my content option, so while in-game you are then able to access third party content that is stored on a usb/hdd and then use that content on the ps3.

    Basically, i'm just wondering whether anyone has looked at if this method is encrypted or limited to only allowing ut3 third party mods and if it can only be accessed while ut3 is running?

    My thought process being that insted of creating a way to run third party app's/mods from the xmb, someone would utilise the content importer built into ut3 and jump out of ut3 once the app is loaded. I'm not familiar with any of the can-do's or dont's of the ps3 but if anyone (preferably a dev) can say if this would be possible, plausable or improbable would cure my curiousity!

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    CJPC Guest
    If I recall someone did bring this up a while ago, but I can't seem to find the thread, but I think I said something along the lines of...

    Basically, lets just assume that poof, it was hacked that way- at best we get user mode, which is not a lot to to really play with the system. That is assuming that the handling system in the SELF is vulnerable to the processing of the imported file, and that the HV does not catch any hack attempt.

    But basically, it was not a avenue worth exploring, but nice at finding the update - just find it on a new game, and maybe we can get lucky!

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    iCEQB Guest
    Thing is, inside these mod packs, there is nothing to execute, maybe just some scripts, but nothing which is called executable like an ELF or something. The whole concept is basicly based on if-file-exist-replace-it method.

    Which means, model in UT 3 called "modell1.mod".
    So if another one called the same exist in your mod package it will replace the file used by UT 3 on the fly!

    So nothing to gain here... would be too easy wouldn't it ?


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    saviour07 Guest
    Thanks for clearing that one up for me guys!

    Yeh, I couldn't find a thread for it so thats the only reason I thought I would bring it up

    Lol yeh it would be too easy! I do understand the fact that there wouldn't be an executable in the mods, but I (in my fantasy driven mind) thought more of a tiff style exploit allowing for a "hello, world!"

    But like you say, nothing to gain here and it would simply be too easy!
    Thanks again

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