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    I don't blame ya XxprokillahxX, I am contemplating selling mine soon too as I never have time to actually "use" it hehe... with summer coming, I expect even less free time to sit indoors playing with the PS3 also.

    As always, sharing the information with others here who do is always appreciated though and +Rep!

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    Thanks that means a lot. I actually sold my ps3's to get money for a bike because i race (road bikes)

    I am happy to share anyway, it got kept a secret for over 5 months now, its about time. So i felt i would.

    At least people know what they are talking about here. And not posting fake before even considering the possibility. Even though this method was used by 4 people so far.

    Also to add, i released hoping that other people could find more exploits through this, to be honest i'm not as intelligent as half the people here, and i'm sure something great will come out of this.

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    No prob! I have a feeling Sony dissuaded many PS3 Devs from sharing new ideas, as nobody wants to become the next legal target.

    For example, an untested (theoretical) idea mentioned awhile back was that a person may be able to install PS3 homebrew on new Firmware consoles using the signed FTP program.self with titles such as Resistance Fall Of Man or Motorstorm. Then any folder created in GAMES (such as SNES01234) could be filled, and using restore databases from the System Recovery menu (not Service Mode) made active for use.

    If anyone has time to experiment with XxprokillahxX's method or the idea above feel free to share your findings/results here as always.

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    Don't mean to cut in. But this is TheUnkn0wn's and hunter128's method. Me and my mate brendanj9554 just came across it, so they deserve most credit, plus brendan found a lot more than me since i went through a few ps3's installing the infectus.

    And that idea sounds pretty cool, but i don't reckon it could work now, but we never know what this method has unlocked, so as PS3 said, post here if you come across anything, it will be awesome to see this get further than "game modding"

    That's why he posted last year about installing infectus, and the only replies he got, were it was patched. But i guess thats all we could get for answers since until now, nobody knew it went further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    If anyone has time to experiment with XxprokillahxX's method or the idea above feel free to share your findings/results here as always.
    I don't think the second idea would work as sony has revoked the keys we use with make_self_npdrm... Can't test though as I have only one PS3

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    Thanks for the info mate. But has it even been tested before?

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